10 June 2011


On our recent honeymoon, Angel learned why, as a married man, he needs to be careful about the enemies he makes.
The last day of our vacation, we went to an amusement park, where we waited in line to go on the bumper cars. Now, I’m not a huge fan of bumper cars, because I am not fond of being bumped! But I do enjoy trying my best to deftly steer between the other cars without getting hit by anyone, or else driving around in small circles on the unoccupied end of the floor. Angel, however, derives great joy from crashing into anyone and everyone, though, sweet husband that he is, he does not purposely crash into me. On this particular bumper car occasion, Angel purposely crashed full speed into a bumper car being driven by a young boy. This boy, after sizing up his opponent, decided on a brilliant strategy in order to attack his opponent’s weak spot. Instead of trying to bump Angel, the boy chased my car down and rammed me into a corner, from which corner I was unable to escape until the ride was over. Angel was one of the first people out of the ride and waited for me outside the exit so that we could get in line and ride the cars again. As the little boy that Angel had bumped so viciously exited the ride, he triumphantly told Angel, “I hit your wife.”
Oh yes, that boy knew how to get his revenge all right. And there was nothing Angel could do about it. There are many reasons why we should avoid making enemies, some of them more biblical that the one I am proposing…but everyone ought to remember that you never know when one of your enemies will chase down your loved one on a bumper car ride for the express purpose of giving them a jarring “bump.”


  1. You should have told that boy about your personal children intimidator with his crossed arms and black sunglasses..Wmahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. I think i know who Isaac is talking about.. HAHAHAAH...

  3. That is hilarious! And that little boy is too smart. :)