25 August 2011

Back to School Drama

 At this time of year I always have the same feeling of dread as the beginning of classes approaches. It’s about this time every year that I contemplate dropping everything and never driving onto the campus of my college again. It’s not that college is so bad, in fact I’m rather good at it. But the thought of school is rather daunting after a summer of crafting, vacationing, dating, and home improving! So, I thought I’d make a list of the pros and cons of going back to school, to help me feel better about it. Of course, this will only work if the pros are better than the cons….but we’ll see how it goes.
             First, the bad news.
·                                  Evil professors. In my experience, while most professors are nice and helpful, there is an average of one professor a semester who is truly evil and proud of it. Professors qualify as evil when they refuse to give A grades because it’s against their religion, or when they insist on using the obsolete Wade-Giles system of Romanization instead of Pinyin. Then there’s the occasional eccentric professor who cusses out everyone else in the class but takes a strange shine to you and tells you “Students like you make coming to America a gracefully heartwarming and spiritually rewarding experience.” That’s just odd.
·                                    Final exams. This one is self-explanatory, I believe.
·                                    Homework. And therefore, less time for scrapbooking, making jewelry, writing, reading books, and working on my dollhouse. Oh yeah, there might be a little less time available for cooking and cleaning the house, but I’m really not concerned about that.
·                                    Driving in snow. Granted, this isn’t a problem at the beginning of the school year, but it becomes one before the first semester is out. With a 40 minute commute and a college that doesn’t believe in snow days (it’s against their creed), sometimes the drive to school is a little more adventure than I’d prefer to have on an average day.
             Now, to cheer me up, the good news!
·                                    A Graduation Party! If I do manage to get myself to school on September 6 and every school day thereafter, I get to throw a graduation party! Those who know me well will understand that the prospect of a graduation party is enough to make me persevere through four years of college.
·                                    New School Clothes. I have decided that I need a new pair of dark blue boot cut jeans to start the school year off with. If I wasn’t starting school, I probably wouldn’t need those jeans…but with all the class presentations I’m going to have to make in the coming months, I’m going to want to look professional, and those light blue boot cut jeans that I already have really aren’t going to cut it.
·                                     Senioritis. Finally! Once again I have a legitimate excuse for slacking off in school! I’ve been trying to claim senioritis for the last three years but no one believed me. I’m really looking forward to a full-blown case of senioritis this year.
·                                    Dancing! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, this is one of my favorite things about college! I haven’t danced all summer but they’re always having swing dances and ballroom dance lessons during the school year. Angel and I will get to practice our tango!
·                                     Bible study. We’re studying Genesis this year, want to join? I love the Bible study group that I am a part of during the school year. I walked into a Bible Bonanza meeting my first Friday at college, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Last year I only missed one Friday—because I had to go to my wedding rehearsal, they said they couldn’t rehearse without the bride.
·                                    Chinese. And Spanish. Much as I claim to hate school, I really do like learning languages. I love the feeling that comes when I realize that I’ve learned enough of a foreign language to really translate my thoughts. I do want to expand my knowledge of Chinese and Spanish this year, so….I guess I ought to go back to college.
               There, I have resigned myself. It won’t be that bad. Though I’m not sure who the evil professor will be this year. I have a suspicion it will be the Sociology professor, but I really don’t know. I’ll just have to wait and see.
               Senior Year, here I come!
Anonymous said...

Rehearsing with the bride is important :)


No(dot dot)el said...

So does this mean you don't have to go back this year? I bet that feels nice. I have to agree whole-heartedly about Evil Professors. They totally make the whole back to school process even more daunting that it already is.