21 December 2011

A Winter Adventure

As I kneel down to lace up my boots, I run through my mental checklist of everything I need: two pairs of socks, insulated jeans, thermal shirt, sweatshirt, winter coat, gloves, hat, scarf. Scarf! That’s what I had forgotten! I clumsily ran back to the living room in my boots and pulled my scarf out of the closet and wound it tightly around my face so that it covered my nose and ears, to protect them from the biting wind. Now I was ready to face the outdoors.
I opened the screen door slowly, but a gust of wind snatched it out of my hand and banged it open all the way. Quickly I grabbed the door, and using both hands, was able to close it completely. Then I began walking resolutely in the direction of my goal. It was hard, because the wind was blowing directly against me, so hard that sometimes I felt like I’d be swept off my feet. But step by step, I was getting closer to what I had set out to do. Finally, I was almost there! I stumbled down the short but slippery incline towards the road and jerked open the door of the mailbox. Aha! Mail! I grabbed the three envelopes that were there, shut the door, and clutching them tightly, began my trip back to the house. Going this direction, the wind was with me, and I was able to run. At some points, I felt as if the wind were even helping to speed me to my destination. I made it to the screen door, and gripped the envelopes between my teeth while opening the door carefully with both hands, so that the wind would not catch the door again. I stepped inside the house and pulled the door tightly closed behind me. I ran into the kitchen and turned on a kettle to boil. There I stripped off boots, hat, coat, gloves, and scarf. When the water came to a boil, I prepared myself a cup of much needed hot chocolate and sat down to inspect my booty: 2 bills and a Christmas card.
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