02 January 2012


Have you ever woken up in a cold sweat after a terrifying nightmare? Do bad dreams leave you grouchy and prone to snapping at your family in the morning? Not anymore!
Introducing the MyDream pillow! Our innovative technology allows you to choose your dreams each and every night. Choose from hundreds of options on our touch screen remote control before you go to bed, and you’re guaranteed to dream only what you wish to dream! The patented device implanted in our luxuriously soft pillow emits electrical impulses while you sleep that affect the dream-making part of your brain, allowing you to be in control of what you dream.
*Cut to scene of an attractive blond choosing Shopping Spree out of a list of options on the touch screen controller, and later asleep on the MyDream pillow, with a contented smile on her face.*
You can personalize any dream option to create just the right dreams for you, or you can create a unique line-up of dreams for every night of the week! One of our most popular choices is Dream Yourself into a Movie—simply  choose your favorite movie and your favorite character, and you’ll spend the night dreaming that you are Aragorn, winning the kingdom and the girl! If you are in the mood for a night without any dreams, we can take care of that too, with the Dreamless Sleep Guaranteed option!
The MyDream pillow guarantees the most entertaining sleep you’ve ever had. You’ll never have a nightmare again…unless you want one! But you don’t have to take our word for it, listen to some who have tried it:
Edward, a Middle-Aged African American Man: “I sleep better with the MyDream pillow than when I was a kid! The ability to choose my own dreams each night is incredible.”
Vicky, a Brunette Mom of Four: “I bought MyDream pillows for all of my children, and now they can’t wait to go to bed! Bedtime has never been easier, which gives my husband and I some much needed peace and quiet before we turn in and enjoy our own MyDream pillows.”
George, a Veteran: “Before I got the MyDream pillow, I was plagued with nightmares of my days in Vietnam. Now I can sleep peacefully and dream whatever I want to!”
Call us today to order your MyDream pillow! Get one for $49.99, or two for $79.99. You’ll be glad that you invested the money in the most enjoyable rest you’ll ever have. But wait, there’s more! Call today between 11 am and 3 pm and we’ll even throw in this luxurious, hibiscus-patterned plush blanket, perfect for cuddling up with while you dream the best dreams you’ve ever had.
Terms and Conditions apply. MyDream pillow is not recommended for people with pacemakers, liver problems or insomnia. MyDream is a registered trademark of AGRMSPSC Inc.
Moonofsilver said...

hhahahahaa............I'm reading this to my husband!