24 May 2012

You Might be a Newlywed if...

·         At the rate you’re going, it’ll take you 3 years to use up a 150-count box of kitchen trash bags you picked up at Sam’s Club.
·         If it weren’t for thrift stores and relatives to give you their old furniture, you’d be sitting, eating, and sleeping on the floor.
·         Cuddling is a key activity of every day.
·         Your guestroom amenities consist of a bed, a pillow (yes, singular), sheets, and a throw blanket that almost covers the bed.
·         You don’t own any curtains.
·         The only curtains you do own are fashioned from flags of various nations that your husband had in college that you’ve tacked to window frames.
·         You haven’t even opened some of your useful wedding presents yet. i.e. plates, an electric griddle, etc.
·         Smoothies and popcorn are considered a meal. And Marie Callender’s frozen pies are considered an especially good meal.
·         Your house is decorated primarily with pictures of the two of you.
·         You do two loads of laundry, once a week.
·         You do all your grocery shopping together.
·         You have long discussions about whether or not to splurge and buy bathroom rugs for the second bathroom you don’t use very often. In the end, you decide, no, it can wait.
·         It took you over a year to get around to buying a shower curtain for your second shower.
·         The people who check your ID write large Ms on your hands in permanent marker when you go to a country music/line dancing bar.
·         You still have dishcloths that were given to you at your wedding that you haven’t used yet.
·         It’s 2012 and you have a 20-inch TV screen.
·         Your husband calls you from work just to say hi.
·         You go out and pay your cell phone, car insurance, and internet bills together.
·         Your cars are over 10 years old with well over 100,000 miles on them and have left you stranded and needing a tow truck more than once in the last year.
·         You sit on the driveway to hang out with your husband and keep him company while he changes struts, O2 sensors, alternators, and other random valves and belts.
What else might be added?
Anonymous said...

haha, this made me giggle! We're not married, but when I first arrived ehre, we moved into a flat pretty quickly. we wanted unfirnished so we could get stuff we like, but of course had no money to buy anything, so we slept on the floor for about a month and it took us 2 years to get round to buying a sofa (and it still doesn't have a cover on it!

Christi said...

This is amazing. I can totally relate to pretty much everything on this list. Great post!!

Moonofsilver said...

Cute :) I'm definitely newly wed! We have no curtains. We have two very old lazy-boy type recliners that are multiple colors of brown in our living room. Cleaning them just made the fabric fray. Yikes :) I enjoyed this post!

Rachel said...

hehe, I love it!!! Gives me a glimpse of what I may be experiencing this time next year =D
And I only saw this thanks to your link up! What a great idea!

Unknown said...

haha, this list is spot on. It's been almost 5 years, but I totally remember doing almost ALL of these things.