22 June 2012

21 by 21

I’m turning 21 in approximately a month, which, I hear, is typically considered a milestone birthday. I thought I’d make a list of what I want to do this summer—preferably before my birthday, but I’ll be a little lenient—as long as these all get done by early August, or, generally, during summertime, I’ll consider that I did well! After all, you typically spend the first couple weeks of the new year of your life trying to remember that you are, in fact, a year older, so they really hardly count.

      Fun Fact: Angel doesn’t know how old he is. Ever. When he was 26 he regularly told people he was 28—he wasn’t trying to be deceptive, he just thought he was 28 years old. A few weeks ago he couldn’t figure out how old he was until a friend asked him his birthday and year and calculated his age for him. Usually he just asks me, because wives always remember. 
  1.  Go to a country music concert 
    1. June 23: Small Town Son and Jana Kramer
  2.  See Mac McLean perform “The Screwtape Letters”
    1. June 23
  3.  Go to Mall of America
  4. Go kayaking
  5. Go to a fair
  6.  Get a horizontal driver’s license
    1. July 23
  7. Have a party  with friends and family
    1. July 21--Game night with pizza sandwiches cooked over the fire
  8.  See fireworks
    1. July 4: of course!
  9. Go to a water park
  10. Go mini golfing
    1. July 13
  11. Buy Angel a birthday present 
    1. July 7: It's a secret!
  12. Ride my bike, multiple times a week
    1. July 23: Two rides in the last two days.
  13. Scrapbook all of the pictures that I have printed
  14. Sew a new project
    1. July 8: I finished my first shirt made from a pattern!
  15. Submit an article to a magazine
    1. July 12: Two articles for Devozine
  16. Wash all the floors in my house (I just need to write this one on some sort of list so that I'll do it)
    1. July 18
  17. Write every day, something: blog, book, article, story
  18. Try a new recipe
  19. Finish reading Watchman Nee’s The Normal Christian Life
    1. July 20
  20. Harvest vegetables from my garden
    1. July 11: Green onions count, right? Because nothing else is growing!
  21.  Go swing dancing
    1. July 3: We did the waltz and cha-cha too! So fun!
    2. July 10: Hurray! More swing dancing!
Raquel said...

Great bucket list. If you get to Mall of America, please share your visit. I have always wanted to see it but don't know when I will get there!

Joslin said...
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Joslin said...

I want to add things from your list onto mine. Have you gone swing dancing before? I want to try it...but I'm really uncoordinated so I think I'll hurt myself. Have you ever seen Blake Shelton in concert? He's SO much fun! Good luck with your list, can't wait to watch your progress. And happy early birthday!

(Sorry about that last comment, I had a bunch of tabs open and got distracted while writing.)

Always Maylee said...

Great list! I don't even remember the last time I went to a water park, but I totally want to go! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Rachel said...

I definitely will! As of now, the trip is planned, some details have yet to be worked out, though.

Rachel said...

Yes, I've done a few swing dancing lessons--in our city there's an open air swing dance downtown every week, I've always wanted to go there, but haven't made it yet! I've never been to any country concert yet...but hopefully I will soon! Thanks!

Michaela {au naturel design} said...

Age is only a number but it's fabulous you have these goals. Best of luck!

Mrs. White said...

That is a great list you have goin on!
I'm the same way as Angel. I tell people that I'm a year older than I am about halfway through my year. It's about time that I start telling people I'm 24. I guess I just get started early? Or maybe it's to make up for what I'm sure I'll be doing in a while which is subtracting years. Who knows?

c @ annuary chit said...

Great list. I've tried to do a yearly bucket list for the past two years but never quite do it all. Still it's fun trying. Kayaking is going on my next list 31@31 hopefully the third times a charm!

Have a great weekend.

Elle said...

I so want your list! Looks so fun. Especially the fair, waterpark, and swing dancing!

Julie Marie said...

haha thats so funny.. i think my hubby wouldnt know how old he is, except that i regularly remind him how OLD he is.. ;)

Laura said...

What a great list!! And it seems like they are all doable things. Good luck and happy 21st!

Megan said...

I love this list!! Such a great way to remember important things to get done! Sometimes I forget how old I am, too! Haha!

Nikki said...

Hey there, I found ya on the SITS blog. Good luck with your achievements!

Marli said...

Love your list and love your blog! :)

Adding your button to my sidebar for easy access to reading often... :)