11 June 2012

Brotherly (but mostly Sisterly) Love

Like quite a few people in this world, I love my family. My five sisters and one brother are the guaranteed friends I've had with me no matter where my family has lived. I am fifteen years older than my youngest sister. When I went away to college my freshman year, she wasn’t even two yet. I miss being able to see her grow up, but the rest of my family helps keep me up to date on her antics through email, though not nearly as regularly as they ought to.
 2010-Last time the whole family was together

I was homeschooled until college, which meant that I spent all day of every school day in the same room with all the rest of my siblings. When Mom was distracted or busy, we’d talk and laugh for hours, distracting ourselves from the schoolwork tasks at hand. Back then, I’d help check their math tests, quiz them on their spelling words, or scold them for not studying the chapter in their history book thoroughly enough. Now, I give my next two siblings advice on their college papers, using the Microsoft Word track changes feature liberally as I read their drafts and email essays back with comments like “Ahhhhhhh! Didn’t anyone ever teach you how to use a semicolon properly?”

 I may be prejudiced, but I do think I come from an extraordinarily good-looking family.
Lizzy and Isaac, my sister closest in age and my only brother, are now in college and don’t live too far away from me. For the first time in a while, I’m getting to spend some time with them. The other day, we went out to watch Snow White and the Huntsman, just the four big kids (Me, Angel, Lizzy, and Isaac). The theater was totally deserted, except for the four of us, and we talked quite a bit throughout the show. Before the movie, Isaac asked, “So Rachel, are you going to handle this like you handled Spiderwick Chronicles?” recalling a time, years ago, when we watched The Spiderwick Chronicles together. I found that movie far too intense and scary for my liking and spent nearly the entire movie holding onto Isaac’s arm very tightly so that I would be safe (for the record, that particular movie is rated PG and is supposedly a family movie). “I don’t know, come sit next to me and find out,” I replied, batting my eyelashes in an attempt to be charming and inviting. Isaac, laughing, declined, and Lizzy said, “This is what I miss. Just us big kids together, coming up with plans, doing what we want, and saying the most ridiculous things.”

 I'm proud to call them my "little" siblings.
That’s what I miss too. We grew up together, we have precious inside jokes and memories that we share. Siblings are a special type of friends, and I’m glad I have so many of them.
Anonymous said...

Every time we get together and are in the same car things tend to happen. -Angel