15 June 2012

College Dreams

                “So, are you excited for graduation tomorrow?” I asked my friend on Friday afternoon, “We have to make sure to take pictures together!”
                “What? Graduation was last Monday, Rachel. Weren’t you there?” she replied, to my horror.
                How in the world could I have missed the graduation ceremony? I was so sure it was on a Saturday—I had never heard anything about it being on a Monday! What had happened? I was bewildered, and yes, a little upset. I mean, the actual graduation ceremony is pretty boring, but it seems like you ought to have at least one graduation in your lifetime. I hadn’t had a high school graduation, and I was looking forward to going to my college one! Frantically, I called other friends, trying to figure out what had happened. They all said the same thing: graduation was already over and done with. I was too late.
                This is the kind of dream I’ve had lately. I’ve been graduated from college nearly a month, and no, I did not miss my graduation ceremony (it was on a Saturday, all of those dream people telling me it was on a Monday were wrong!). Even though college is over, final exams are done, and my grades have been recorded, I’ve had stressful college-themed dreams about once a week since then.
                I only dreamed that I missed graduation once. Several times I’ve dreamed that I either forgot about my Chinese final exam or procrastinated too long till I didn’t have enough time to study, and I forgot all of my characters before the exam.
                My Mom tells me that the college dreams don’t necessarily go away after college. Twenty years later, she still has dreams that she knows she has to take an exam, but doesn’t know what subject it’s on or which classroom it will be given in. So, that’s not too promising. However, the bright side is that when I wake up from these dreams, confused and with an urgent desire to study, I then remember—hey, I’m not in school anymore! I don’t have to study or do homework! Afterwards I’m ever so much more grateful to no longer be in school and experience those awful exams and the constant slight dread that you may have forgotten an assignment.

Anonymous said...

I had those dreams too, but when I was in college. I haven't had one ever since. I do however have work dreams where I may need to suction a patient and it's very urgent, but that's about it. If mom is truly still having these dreams and you are as well, they may be true signs of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). -Angel G.

Julie Marie said...

so all these friends that said graduation already happened, weren't actually graduating then? haha.. how freaky, i would be freaking out! congratulations girl =)

Rachel said...

I think what had happened was that they had all gone to graduation and graduated on Monday, and only afterwards were telling me that graduation was already over...only that was just a dream world so they were wrong. :) It was scary for a bit there...thanks for the congrats!

Alexandra Anne said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I had to come check yours out =)
Oh, I hate dreams like that!!! As a performer, my worst dreams are the ones where I am doing a show again, but they changed everything so I have to go on stage and don't know choreography, music, or lyrics. Pretty annoying to dream about.
But what's so funny about your dream? I actually graduated on a monday ;)