27 June 2012

An Ignoble Boycott (or Six, or Seven)

I boycott many things. For no good reason, really. I know that most of the time boycotts of certain companies occur for noble causes or just because a certain group of people dislikes the morals or practices of a certain business. I also know that boycotts are not very effective when only one person is involved, however, boycotting things is so much more fun than simply disliking them, so boycotting is what I do.

I boycott McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Burger King because I don’t like any of their food. I’m sure there are more noble reasons to boycott fast-food chains than that, but oh well. My boycotts of these restaurants throughout my teen years was quite an inconvenience to my family, as it meant that I would either refuse to eat anything when we all went out to these restaurants, preferring to go hungry, or else, very maturely beg, plead, and scheme to convince my parents to take our family out to eat elsewhere. Oh, what a wonderful teenager I was! My strong-willed devotion to boycotting these restaurants left such an impact on my parents that even after I’d been out of the house for years, my Mom would very gently suggest to my other sisters, “Is it okay if we eat at McDonald’s today?” To which they would respond with “Of course!” because they actually like Mcdonald’s.

I do not boycott Subway or Papa John’s, however, because their food is delicious! I think I must have rubbed off on Angel after hanging out with him so much because he currently boycotts Jimmy John’s. I’m not entirely sure of his reasoning but it seems to be simply that he thinks Jimmy John’s sandwiches aren’t as good as Subway’s. Still, a couple weeks ago Angel was forced to eat a free Jimmy John’s sandwich at a lunch at his work, and, as he reluctantly admitted to me when he got home later that day—it was a pretty good sandwich. So I’m not sure how long his boycott of Jimmy John’s will hold up.

I also boycott Target, mostly because everyone seems to like it so much. Again, not a very good reason. And Walmart, because there aren’t any Walmarts close to where I live.

And these count even less as boycotts in the normal sense of the term, but for your info, I also boycott cake and icing, mangoes, papayas, maxi skirts, coffee makers, vampires, and cardigans. I used to boycott skinny jeans, but I’ve since come over to the skinny side.

Boycotting things may not be the most productive hobby—but it probably saves money and gives me a healthier diet, simply because it limits, to a certain extent, places to shop and eat fast food. So I plan to continue with my boycotts. 

Do you have anything you boycott for less-than-noble reasons?
Anna B. said...

This cracked me up! I could NEVER boycott Target (I'm one of those people you're talking about who love it so much)... In college I boycotted soda from the fountain in dining halls... The decision wasn't for health reasons, I think it was more a spur of the moment decision on my first day living in the dorm, but I'm sure that boycott was a great one for my health! 4 years without soda at every meal makes a body happy :)

Unknown said...

Ha! Funny post! I boycott buying books and get all my books from the Library even if I have to wait months for one to become available. I just can't bring myself to pay for a book when the exact same book is available to me for free!

Unknown said...

Ha! Funny post! I boycott buying books and get all my books from the Library even if I have to wait months for one to become available. I just can't bring myself to pay for a book when the exact same book is available to me for free!

Dawn said...

You made me laugh out loud! Love this post! I boycott our local Walmart because it's gross and all Kmarts because they are nasty. That leaves me with Target. That's ok though because I'm on of those Target Freaks. I boycott any froufrou drinks that don't come from Starbucks, and I refuse any and all character clothes for my kids, just cuz.

Great post!

Katie Cook said...

haha, this was loved it! i'm like you...I totally boycott all fast food except subway. i boycott them because A) they are horrible for you, and if you do order a salad it's gross and B) because one time i chewed a bone in my mcdonalds hamburger and that has FOREVER ruined me. done-ski's. I also tend to boycott fashion trends that make you feel like you are good person, like Toms. I don't think Tom's in inherently bad, but I have issues with giving handouts, when you could be partnering with local communities and providing sustainable development instead. I sometimes become frustrated that American teens feel like their "good deed" for the year has been fulfilled by buying a pair of shoes. $60 could be used to vaccinate children or provide life giving skills to a family that can transform their lives in profound ways. haha...ok i'll get off my soapbox now! You're awesome:)

Anonymous said...

I kind of boycott the mall. Well, to put it more precisely, I boycott paying full, overblown prices on clothing. And, chain/corporate stores. I prefer to shop locally as much as possible.
That's kind of noble, right?

No(dot dot)el said...

Ha ha I think your reasoning if perfectly legit, and the fast food places are not only saving your wallet they are saving your figure too.

Michelle said...

Love you blog! So, I nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog Award!" check out this link for details: