04 June 2012

My Take on Technology

I don’t have an iPhone. In fact, I don’t even have texting capabilities on my phone. I have a lovely little candy bar phone and I really hope they never stop making candy bar phones because I don’t like those phones that flip and slide open. I’ve had candy-bar phones ever since I was 14 and they’ve done me well. I’ve never had one break, even though I have dropped them in parking lots, buckets of water, and yes, in a toilet too (I was texting while giving my baby sister a shower). The only reason I’ve ever had to get a new one is because of switching cell phone providers. I’m not anti-text. I was a “texting queen” in high school and actually was stopped by people who just wanted to watch how quickly I typed out a text. But, to me, texting is an extra, and by living without it, we can save money that definitely adds up over the months.

I don’t have a fancy camera. This explains why you will not see many amazing and good quality pictures on this blog. I have an 8.0 megapixel Nikon Coolpix that is in perfect working order. I love good photography, but most of the time I would much rather be in the picture than taking the picture, so I’ll leave good photography to everyone else in the world who does own a nice camera and has some knowledge of how to use it. Among them, my brother. So whenever I visit him, I get nice pictures. During the times in between, I take normal pictures that help me remember all the fun times just as well.

I have a television with a 20-inch screen that we inherited when we got married. Used with a digital converter box and rabbit-ears antennae, it picks up broadcast channels so that we can watch Monk, The Red Green Show, and America’s Got Talent.

I don’t have anything against the more advanced technologies that many of my friends own. I still view a touch screen with wonder. There may even be a good TV show on satellite (though I’m a bit skeptical of that). For me, I just enjoy the fact that I can choose to live without the newest and best technology has to offer. It saves money on our monthly bills that we don’t text or have data plans on our phones, and I’m secretly happy that we have a fat TV rather than a skinny one because I’m somewhat concerned that those skinny ones might just spontaneously fall over. I know for sure that our fat one isn’t going anywhere.
Anonymous said...

I completely agree! I don't need the next best thing - just happy and thankful for what i do have! :)

Thanks for Mingling, Rachel!

Danielle said...

I loved this post.
Technology is something I truly love, but at the same time I fear that it can be a little controlling over our lives.

Thanks for posting this...
and the Red Green Show is awesome!

Unknown said...

Follwing your blog via Mingle Monday!
Check me out!

Katie said...

i like this post!! sometimes I feel to tied down to my phone, internet, etc. and it is definitely not a need!

Rachel said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies! And Danielle, I'm so happy to find someone else who recognizes the awesomeness of the Red Green Show!

Michaela {au naturel design} said...

Hi Rachel. I found your blog through Meg's Mingle Monday. I love your rant on technology. I kept my black flip phone with antenna for years, even though my boyfriend wouldn't stand anywhere near me while I used it. I think its smart to pick and choose the technologies we have/use rather than just jump on the band wagon. I just started a blog for myself, so this is a new technology for me.