18 June 2012

New Glasses

On Thursday I went to get a new driver’s license, and was dismayed to find out that, even though I was wearing my glasses, I couldn’t really see the letters they were asking me to read for the vision test. I squinted and guessed, and got them all right, so I passed. I had known that something was wrong with my glasses for some time now, but I don’t like wearing glasses and, unless I’m driving, watching a movie, or trying to read a chalkboard, I don’t wear mine. I’ve been trying to put off buying a new pair because I knew it would be expensive, but my driver’s license vision test confirmed that something needed to be done.

Angel and I went and got glasses that afternoon. I actually got two pairs—I got my first pair of prescription sunglasses, which is very exciting! It’s amazing to wear sunglasses and still be able to see at the same time! I never thought I’d have a pair of prescription sunglasses, but the place we went to had a buy one get one free deal, so it worked out to buy a pair of glasses and get the sunglasses for free!

Deciding on the glasses was a challenge. I was very amused at the comments and analyses of the man who was helping us pick out a pair of glasses.  

“The bridge of your nose is too small for this style, that’s why the glasses won’t stay on.” And

“These frames are way too wide for your face, because your face is very thin.”

I was amused because I’ve gotten similar comments when shopping for other accessories:

When looking at rings: “You have such tiny fingers! I’m sorry, this ring style can’t be sized down small enough.”

When getting links taken out of my watch so that it fits: “Your wrist is so small!”

When getting sandals: “Your feet are very slender, so the straps on this shoe can’t adjust tight enough for the shoe to fit.”

My deduction is that, basically, every part of my body matches all the other parts, which seems normal.
I did get the perfect pair of glasses—Angel picked them out. I still will only wear my glasses when I have to, but at least now when I do, I’ll be able to see.

Katie said...

i think they are cute!! i'm always jealous of people who get glasses - I think they are cute and make people look smarter. : )

Andi said...

Very cute! It's so hard to pick out glasses, but I think you did good!

Unknown said...

Hey, they look great, Rachel! Good selection, Angel!

Rachel said...

Thanks! I'm not a big fan of the wearing-glasses geek look myself, but since I need them at least some of the time, I'm glad I found some pretty ones.

Rachel said...

Thanks! It was hard... there were way too many choices. The good thing is that many of the pairs looked really bad on me! That made it a bit easier...

Jim B. said...

Katie if you really like th way glasses look on others and you want glasses for yourself then you should order yourself a nice pair. By going on line you can get a really nice looking pair for under $20.00 and that even includes getting an AR coating (anti-reflective) on the lenses. I would suggest that you not get non prescription glasses because you know when any of your friends see you wearing glasses they will be asking many questions and if you tell them they don't have any prescription they are sure to think your a bit off. it would be best to order your glasses with 0-.50 lenses which is extremely weak and you won't have any problem seeing perfectly wearing them. They won't cause any harm to your eyes either. So if you want glasses, get a pair. (retired optician)