20 June 2012

Opposites Attract

 He took this picture of himself the first time he got a hold of my camera, back when we were "just friends."

  • Born in the early 80s
  • Mexican
  •  Native Spanish Speaker 
  •  Grew up Catholic
  • Grew up in California
  • Public schooled
  •  High School Cross Country team
  •  Nurse
  •  Non-perfectionist
  •  Had never heard of courting before Rachel told him about it.
 Me exercising the skills I've learned as a Mandarin Major.
  •  Born in the early 90s
  • Approximately Dutch, Irish, Welsh, and a few more
  •  Native English speaker
  •  Grew up Protestant
  •  Grew up in many places, none of them even remotely resembling California
  •  Homeschooled
  •  High School Theater Club
  • Has no fondness for anything medical
  • Perfectionist
  • Had been told from the cradle that I wouldn’t be allowed to date until after I was married.
It’s when I think about this that I’m even more amazed and impressed by God. He took two people with hugely different backgrounds and made us perfect for each other. It’s a strange story behind why both of us separately happened to choose a college that one wouldn’t have expected either of us to attend, and there we met. On paper we look very different, but on all the things that really count, we have the exact same dreams and ideals: on children, on faith, on finances, on family. We have our differences—I’m a little too energetic and ambitious in my planning and scheduling, while he enjoys just vegging out on the couch and watching TV (how boring!). We’re not the same, but God made us right for each other, and our differences are an important part of that.
Adrienne said...

This is such a cute post! I feel like my husband and I are pretty opposite too- it makes life more interesting!

Kristen said...

Love this! Reminds me of my fiance and I. We each had such completely different upbringings, and yet we still managed to find each other and fall in love. This world really is an amazing place!

Dawn said...

I like your lists. I may need to borrow that idea at some point. We're opposites too. Makes for a very interesting life :-)

Rachel said...

haha, feel free to borrow the idea! I just love seeing the exact contrast there is between us on so many's fun!

Rachel said...

I know, there's got to be a reason behind the old "opposites" saying...many of us couples are proof that it's true!

Rachel said...

It definitely is! I also think all the new technologies of airplanes and the internet definitely helps with the "finding." I know I'm grateful for the airplane especially, since Angel and I were long-distance until we got married!

Melissa Enault said...

haha this is awesome, together you make a cute couple!!

Karenna said...

I love this post. My husband and I are so very different, but we work so well together. Everyone said we wouldn't last because of our differences, but you are so right: we are similar in the ways that matter. Plus, the differences keep it exciting!


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Love this post ;)

Nicki G. The Blissful Wife

Malia said...

great post!

Rachel said...

It's amazing, isn't it?!
My fiance is from Brasil; Portuguese is his first language; he is black (well, a bit darker than your angel); he has a large family [that parties loud]; he likes horror movies and the idea of sky-diving...
Me, on the other hand?? Australian; first language is English; white; small, quiet family; dig my nails into his arm in scary movie scenes, and abhor the thought of anything faster than a ferris wheel!! [almost]
But you're so right. When the important things like faith and dreams line up - our differences only add fun to the relationship!!