12 June 2012

Sarah's Bible Quiz

Although it frustrates me regularly, I do love Skype. Having webcam calls with my family is a convenient way to stay in touch, and my little sisters never cease to be entertaining during our weekly calls. A few days ago, while Angel and I were talking with the family, my sister Sarah decided that she wanted to quiz Angel and I on famous characters in the Bible with a set of clue cards she has. I believe each of the cards offers several clues to the identity of a certain Bible character, and that the intention of the game is to guess the correct character based on the clues on the card. Sarah, however, although very smart for a five year old, cannot read well enough to decipher the actual clues on the card, so she made up her own clues. For many of the characters, she resorted to telling us the first and last letters of the name, although for some of the characters who she knew a little better, she used Bible facts that she remembered. She would then assign us a random number of points, based on how quickly and accurately, in her opinion, we identified each character.

I passed Sarah’s Bible quiz, can you? Use the clues to guess the characters. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see if you get them all right.

1.       “My name starts with an R and ends with an H.
2.       “My name starts with an A and ends with an M. It’s a long one.”
3.        “This is the name of my brother.” [Sarah’s brother, that is]
4.        “I had baby Jesus.”
5.       “My name starts with an S and ends with an N. It’s a long one.”
6.       “People threw stones at me.”
7.       “I drew a picture of angels walking up and down a staircase to heaven.”

1.       Ruth
2.       Not Adam. That’s what we said first. Abraham
3.       Isaac. We also tried Angel, but that wasn’t the right answer
4.       Mary
5.       Solomon. Not Samson, we tried that one too.
6.       Stephen
7.       Jacob. We did mention afterwards that actually he dreamed that, rather than drawing a picture of it.
Anonymous said...

I got all of her questions correct.