29 June 2012


Right now, I’m staying with Isaac and Lizzy, and I haven’t seen Angel since Tuesday. I am aware that that is only three days, and that three days isn't long at all. I do know that--in my mind. However, three days and nights is the longest we’ve been apart in a couple months, and I miss my husband! I'm also not quite sure yet when I'll be able to go home, so I miss being able to for sure count down the days till I'll see him. (I love countdowns!)

 Before we got married but after we were together, the longest we went without seeing each other was three months. I think that was when I occasionally wondered whether Angel actually existed or whether he was an invention of my imagination. Actually I still wonder that, sometimes, but everyone I know reassures me that they can see him, too.

I’m grateful that Angel exists. I’ve already mentioned some quirks of his that I’ve come to love, like the fact that he takes way too many bad pictures, or the fact that he can’t remember how old he is. Just for fun, a few outtakes from our photo session a few months back: 

 Future family picture sessions are sure to be interesting, with both children and Angel to keep an eye on. Here are a few of the reasons that I’m grateful to have Angel:

1. He always fills my car with gas. I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve put gas in my own car since we’ve been married. He always makes sure I have enough to get where I need to go. 

2. He likes buying me shoes. Apparently, Angel once read a book that said something to the effect of: “the way to a woman’s heart is to buy her some shoes.” I have no idea what kind of book would say that, and perhaps it oversimplifies things a tiny bit, but I love that my husband takes me out to shoe stores at intervals to buy me another pair. It doesn’t hurt that he has good taste in shoes, either!

3. He doesn’t make me call people on the phone. I really don’t like making phone calls—I’ll pretty much do anything in order to not make a phone call to a stranger: write an email or even a letter! Angel, without complaint, makes calls to schedule any and all dentist or doctor appointments for me, and only rolls his eyes when he notices that I write down his phone number on all forms that I have to fill out. I love that you do this for me, Honey!

4. He shows an interest in all of my projects. What with sewing, jewelry making, scrapbooking, and writing—that’s a lot for a man to keep up with! I appreciate the fact that he’s always interested in updates on everything I make or write.

5. His muscles. Nice to look at and useful too! A rare and valuable combination.

6. He knows how to fix cars. The times that we’ve been stranded and had to call a tow truck (twice since we got married!) would have been so much scarier and so much more expensive if I didn’t have Angel who knew what was wrong with the car and how to fix it.

7. He wholeheartedly believes that I'm beautiful, and tells me so everyday. It's always nice to live with someone like that!

Since seven is the number of completion, I'll stop here. As you might imagine, thinking about all the things I love about Angel didn't really help me miss him any less. Not the best strategy, there.
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that's a lovely post. hope the days go quick for you! <3 tami

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HE BUYS YOU SHOES????? That's a clencher right there. ;)


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Aww, this is such a sweet post! And any man who buys you shoes is a winner!

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Aww what a sweet list! I love the shoes and gas part, how awesome!

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What a wonderful post, you are a lucky girl! :) And I love your dresses by the way

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Still one of my favorite posts of yours!!