18 July 2012

Captcha: My Perspective

In the weeks that I've been blogging, I've noticed a plethora of bloggers posting about Captcha. The gist of these posts is that captcha is annoying, and many bloggers ever so helpfully include screenshots of exactly the right buttons that all the unenlightened bloggers need to push to make sure that captcha is not enabled on their blogs.

To all appearances, no one likes captcha. It's like the unloved stepchild of spam-prevention technologies.

But I'm here to tell you that I do.

Now, I know that, most likely, very few are going to agree with me on this. It's not that I like captcha for it's supposed spam preventing abilities, although I suppose that could be a benefit, and is likely the main reason reason why so many bloggers continue to use captcha in spite of its vilification on popular blogs. No, it's not that.  I like captcha for the challenge it provides me. Every time I comment on a blog that requires word verification, I get a little thrill of excitement. With captcha, I have the opportunity to exercise my intelligence. To decipher the letters and numbers that have been twisted and blurred till they are all but unrecognizable gives me the kind of joy anyone would experience upon cracking a code.

When I'm faced with captcha, it's just another manifestation of the timeless battle between man and machine. Once it was John Henry versus a steam-powered hammer; now it's me versus captcha. Granted, my battle doesn't require nearly as many muscles, only good vision and a basic level of typing dexterity. And it probably won't be made into a song. But still, I am gleeful every time I triumph over captcha. I have lost track of how many victories I have earned, but I'm proud to say that as of today, I have been defeated but one time by captcha. I let my arrogance and previous victories cloud my thinking--my proven ability to triumph over the machine slipped, and I failed. That was two days ago. But I have not let that one failure break me! I continue to battle captcha every day, and I will remember the lessons I learned through my failure.

To all the bloggers out there who do use captcha on their blog comments, I want to let you know that I don't mind! I love the extra challenges you bring to my day!

Does anyone agree with me on this? Or am I crazy? Oh, and for those who don't agree with me, don't be afraid to comment--you won't have to do any word verification on my blog. I figured, after all, I don't comment on my own blog, so it wouldn't do me any good to have it here!
Anonymous said...

I don't agree for myself, but I love your perspective on it! :)

Anonymous said...

I just have no idea how to turn mine off. But I feel it is challenging to know what sneaky letters they may or may not use!

Christi said...

Haha this is hilarious! I personally don't mind captcha's. I only hate when it takes me like 17 tries. Sometimes those little bad boys are difficult to decipher! :P

The Management said...

giiiiiiirrrl you're crazy.

I like a good word scramble as much as the next guy, but captcha makes my blood boil.

Katie Cook said...

oh man, I can always count on a good laugh from you Sherlock Holmes. heheheheh!

Adrienne said...

You're hilarious! I can't stand it, but I really, really don't like puzzles. I do appreciate your positivity though :)

I think one of the major issues with it is that for a long time it was kind of outdated, and not actually all that effective. However, they did recently change, so maybe it's more effective!

Kristina said...

I honestly don't understand all the hatred. I took mine off because people don't like it, but I don't know what the big deal is, really. I prefer it to the blogs where the comment doesn't show up until it's approved.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! I laughed so hard! They can be very tricky at times as if they just know they are going to win...I have failed so many times it's ridiculous!

Moonofsilver said...

The more I read of you, the more I want to know you in real life! And be pen pals. Do you offer a pen-pal service like this one? I would sign up for sure if you did!!