19 July 2012

Cupboard Restyled

I'd been thinking for awhile that our porch could use some storage space, and because pretty furniture is so darn expensive, I thought I'd attempt what I hear so many others have done: score a solid but ugly piece of furniture at a thrift store and then pretty it up with a little paint. I even went to a few thrift stores in this quest, without finding anything suitable.

And then I remembered that I live in a 100+ year old farmhouse. With significant quantities of "antique" furniture hidden in nooks and crannies of the basement and surrounding buildings. I went in the basement, and lo and behold, I had 4--count them--4 cupboards to choose from! Now, before you judge me for not knowing what things are in the basement of my own house, let me tell you--my basement is the scariest thing I've ever seen. It's made of rocks and cement and spiders. I never go there. Angel does, every day, to empty the dehumidifier, but most of the time you couldn't pay me to go down there.

But I descended to the depths, and came back with the requisite ugly cupboard. Exhibit A:

And then this setting--a lonely, dilapidated, completely random piece of furniture inexplicably placed in natural surroundings reminded me of art photography.

So here's my mockery of photo art.

Back to subject. I used spray paint, for the first time in my life, although now I wish I would have stuck to regular paint and a paint brush. When I took the painter's tape off of the turquoise on the outside, pieces of the turquoise paint came off too, revealing the yellow paint underneath. First I was despondent, and then I decided that I'd meant for it to have that roughened look all along, so I went with it. And, in case bright turquoise wasn't gaudy enough, I used a paint pen to draw all over the cream panels with henna-inspired designs. I love the patterns and style of henna--Angel says when we get our own house, I can do one whole wall as an accent wall, covered in henna-type designs. I'm excited already!

What I'm most proud of is the inside, which is completely turquoise. It's an attack of beautiful brightness as soon as you open the door! I may, at some point, go back with a brush and fix the torn paint but for now I just decided to like it. But there you have it. The cupboard is still a piece of junk, but now it's a piece of junk that's pretty enough for me to allow on my porch.
Melanie said...

Love it!!! What an awesome find, you did a fabulous job!!

The Management said...

I totally want to go furniture scavenging in your basement.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to put my shoes in there.

Adrienne said...

That is so cute! I love it!

Also. You live in a 100+ year old farmhouse?

I'm so jelly.

Katie Cook said...

love the color! I'm excited to try my hand at converting old furniture into something suitable! thanks for the inspiration!!! love Katie

andrea@townandprairie said...

Your design has a strong modern graphic appeal!

Kathy said...

I love it!! So creative and colorful. I am your newest follower from the linky party.

Hani said...

Cool design on the cupboard. Thanks for linking up at Friday Fun Party. :) Have a nice day!

Moonofsilver said...

oh, that's awesome. And I'm still jealous that you have a book. That is like, my life dream!!! tee hee. No, seriosuly. It really is my life's dream. But I keep putting it off, because its SO MUCH work (and I'm scared) yikes!