17 July 2012

DIY Picnic Table

Angel and I have a fire pit, or two, in our backyard, which come in handy when we want to cook dinner the old-fashioned way. Or when we need to burn the evidence. Either way, in addition to our two firepits we usually have one substantial log pile that we draw from to feed our fires.

Only currently, we have excessive quantities of wood in the backyard. See?

I'm not entirely sure where all this wood came from or where it is eventually going, but I know that it belongs to my grandpa, and that much of it isn't in very good shape, as far as wood is concerned. Other pieces, however, are in great shape, But it seemed that no one had any specific plans for much of this wood, until Angel had a great idea.

He looked at the piles of wood, and declared, "I want to make a picnic table!"

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical. Granted, a picnic table is not the most elaborate project in the world. But my husband isn't very experienced in building things. Our recent mission trip was his biggest introduction to the use of power tools and methods of contruction. Until the picnic table project, he had yet to use the drill that he received at our wedding.

But Angel's not one to let not knowing how to do something stop him. He got permission from Grandpa to use some wood, and found a picture of a picnic table that he liked. With the help of sundry power tools that he borrowed from my uncles and the wedding gift drill, he built a picnic table--for only the cost of the screws it took to put the thing together and the polyurethane we varnished it with!

The table in the early stages of construction.

 My man with a sander.

 The completed masterpiece!

Angel said that he wanted to make the table without having to work with diagonal cuts at all, which is why he chose this pattern over a more traditional table.

We already have a picnic table of our own, so Angel gave this gigantic one to my uncle and aunt. I hope they wanted one! It's a beast of a table, it took three strong men to load it and unload it off of a trailer to take it to their house. I'm so proud of my husband! 


  1. Awesome table!! I absolutely love it... even more than a traditional one!

  2. That is so cool. Love when people can make their own furniture.

  3. i love when husband-doubting moments turn out better than expected! lol!

  4. Wow...good job!!
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    kisses and Thank you

  5. wow! Go Angel! This is awesome:) Love it!

  6. Awesome job! The Prince and I were talking over the weekend about building one for our parents!

  7. That looks awesome!! Great job!

  8. Amazing! Can you make me a desk, haha. I love this.

  9. Very fun story. My husband has decided he is into woodworking too (since we just took down 2 trees and have lots of excess wood). I'll trade you 4 tree disk coasters and a set of tree bookends for a picnic table :-)

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  11. Hi! Visiting from Happy Hour Projects. This is awesome! I love a good picnic table.. and fire pit. Make me laugh 'burn the evidence.'

    If you get a chance I would love for you to share this at my Friday link party.. it just opened! :)

  12. Dale and Mary SpoelmanJuly 22, 2012 at 9:52 PM

    We like it too. It is way cool. Too bad it's been too hot to sit out there. Thank you! It'll come in handy for those hayride parties.

  13. Amazing!!! I will try it for home. I'm interting with woodworking before see it from you

  14. Welcome to the blog world! I’m sure we’ll be turning to the site for some home improvement tips when we move into our new house in the next few weeks.I’ll be checking back to see the full plans.