16 July 2012

Guest Post from the Husband!

Everyone's in for a treat today! I somehow managed to convince Angel to write a post for my blog! I laughed hysterically at what he came up with, and after editing it slightly (sometimes a man's idea of what is appropriate to say in public is different from a woman's idea), I'm happy to share it with you all today. What I learned from reading this is that my Angel loves bullet points.

I would like to add a disclaimer. Everything below is Angel's opinion. By publishing this, I am not necessarily endorsing everything he claims.

"Rachel, way better than Leah" 

I'm here to inform you of Rachel, a very small part, from my point of view.

I'm a nurse and part of my job is performing physical assessments, which can include acts of daily life. So this is an assessment of my wife.

One thing I have noticed is that Rachel has what "we" (nurses) would call a strong gag reflex.

Here are a few examples:

  • A gag reflex is induced 100% of the time when Rachel brushes her teeth. There is no getting around this, I believe I noticed this one on our second day of being married.
  • She gags when she empties the food catcher in the sink.
  • And when she cleans the hair out of the bathtub drain.
  • She gags when taking out the garbage.
  • When talking about gagging there is a strong probability that she will gag and even in reading this she may already be gagging.
Rachel subjectively claims to be cold all the time which is why she clings on to me at times. Objectively I noticed that in bed she becomes a radiant heater. She also sleeps with her blanket, which I have named "the coccoon" every night, no matter how hot it is.

Rachel has a chronic cough which no one can explain, but I know it's precipitated by Popsicles, mint ice-cream, and cold drinks.

Now this part may be boring to some, but impressive to me. 
  • Rachel is a true genius. She has what I call fluid intelligence. Every other husband might say his wife or girlfriend is smart, but Rachel is the real deal. I could put her in school and she can make me lots of money, but true geniuses don't make a living.
  • She is an artist which comes from being left handed I believe. She can sew, paint, draw, stitch, and write in English correctly.
  • Her wardrobe is weird, strange, and costume-like. She either has an identity crisis every day or she just loves to dress up. She has Indian days, Gothic days, Victorian days, flower days, Jack Sparrow days, and cowboy days.
  • No doubt Rachel is a darn good cook.
  • Rachel gets up as early as 5:30-6:00am in the morning and when she gets up she is WIDE EYED awake looking at me waiting for me to open my eyes to ask me that one question, "What are our plans for today!?"
  • Rachel is the best female I have seen play on Dance Dance Revolution, thus far.
  • She is an actress. I have seen a few clips of her plays and stuff, but too bad she isn't Jewish or she would have been a real actress by now :P
Rachel is extremely intense and passionate. Here are some examples:
  • During a commercial Rachel cried and it wasn't even sad. (but she never cries during humane society commercials. She doesn't like animals)
  • Rachel likes to put up her hands in the car and dance side to side when a good country song comes on. She also dances in the store.
  • She becomes increasingly excited till she shakes when I buy her an icee at the Speedway gas station. But drinking the icee makes her cough.
  • Rachel's mood changes when she puts on her happy shoes and wants to just dance.
  • Vacationing with Rachel is not laid back. There are about 4-5 things to do in one day of vacation and it doesn't matter how hot the day is.
  • Rachel can get be excited all day until she forgets she is hungry or needs food. By then it's too late and she is already having a headache, feeling shaky, and nauseated because of lack of food.
  • When a Kohl's $10 gift card comes in the mail she is gone shopping for the day.
  • If Rachel doesn't like something or doesn't agree with it she literally and symbolically uses her fingers to perform an X and calls it X and turns away.
She loves reading. This is what she reads so far:
  • The Cat Who series
  • Agatha Christie books
  • Lemony Snicket series
  • Emily of New Moon books
  • People Country Magazine
  • Readers Digest
  • The Chinese dictionary
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • The Bible
This is what I've seen her reading since we got married. I'm pretty sure this is just a very very short snippet of her reading habits.

This is just a bit of who Rachel is so far.

Lizzy said...

haha, totally awesome Angel! Love it..

Laura said...

Aww! I loved this!

It made me smile and it made me laugh.

And when I read about the gagging... uh huh. Hair in the drain... it's had me more than gagging before. Ok... gonna go now before I start gagging!

Anonymous said...

This is great and hilarious and sweet all at this same time!!! I love it!

Unknown said...

Ha ha ha ha....

This is hilarious Angel!!!

I love it. It is sooo Rachel! It makes us miss that crazy daughter of ours all over again....

It's good that you are observing you Rachel is, and making notes of it. Who knows, it might keep changing every year!

Even though she's turning 21 soon, I'm pretty sure she won't consider that she's really an adult yet. In fact, she might be getting younger!

Christi said...

This is so adorable! Love love love it!!

Katie Cook said...

this was so great...LOVE it! you guys at too hilarious for your own good:) i want more!!! haha

Anonymous said...

I think it might be a Rachel/Rachael thing - gagging whilst brushing teeth? check. And at any remotely bad smell or disgusting sight. Being cold and turning into a heater at night? check. My boyfriend also complains that I become a heater as soon as I fall asleep. Coughing after ice cream? Check. (I have no idea why either). Sadly, I'm not a genius, dancer, actress or morning person though - maybe that's all down to the spelling...?! Hehe, this was fun to read - I might have to get my other half to do one for me!

The Management said...

"Rachel has a chronic cough which no one can explain, but I know it's precipitated by Popsicles, mint ice-cream, and cold drinks."


Unknown said...

you guys are so cute!

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have a great day!

Katie said...

this is SO cute!! what a good husband you have!!

Unknown said...

Love this! Great post!

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Beth Brooks said...

I can feel the love :)

Jenn @ Party of One said...

This is the sweetest thing! Love, love, love it :)

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Emily said...

New follower from the LLR blog hop. Can you tell your hubby to call my hubby and make him write a post as cool as this for me?

Moonofsilver said...

Hey Rachel! I have the "cough" thing when I drink cold things. Did you know this is a type of asthma? It is called asthma with temperature sensitivity. I also love dressing up. And reading. And playing DDR. Perhaps we are twins? (I wish)