20 July 2012

Kittens! and Medicine.

I do not like pets, just for your information. I have written about that in the past, and about how I knew that Angel was the guy for me the minute he told me that he was allergic to cats and dogs. Hurray! No pets in the house, ever, for the rest of my life! Angel loves playing with cats and dogs though, and enjoys visiting with all of the pets at my uncles' and aunts' homes during any family get-together.

So, sometime in the first few months of our marriage, we got a barn cat. And named her Amoxicillin. And thereby created one of our very first family traditions: name all cats after medicines. With this tradition, it comes in handy that Angel's a nurse, and therefore knows lots of drug names. When choosing a name, he just lists lots of drugs for me and I pick the ones that sound like good names for a pet!

 Amoxicillin, or Moxi

Moxi had her share of quirks that we got to know over the year we had her. She invariably ran straight for the tires of our car as soon as we rolled into the driveway. This made Angel nervous, but I just trusted Moxi to be smart enough not to get run over. She also would walk in small circles, chasing her tail for 10 or 15 minutes on end. Sadly, she suddenly got sick and died about two months ago.

Angel was very eager to get another cat after Moxi, preferably a free one that was already used to living outdoors. I hoped that it would be a cute one, too! Craig's List came in handy, and we were able to pick up two 8 week old kittens, a brother and a sister, a few days ago. We promptly christened them Narcan and Clindamycin, or Clinda for short. 
Clindamycin, an antibiotic
Narcan, the antidote to morphine

They already like exploring the farm and have claimed the area underneath my car as their favorite hangout spot, which means I have to be careful whenever I want to drive away. Angel plans to put his new-found carpentry skills to work to build them a house from the rest of the lumber in our backyard!


so cute...I hope you will be having nice time together :)

Sarah Leonard said...

Love, love, love the kittens. They won you over eventually eh?

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Joslin said...

I love cats as pets! They're so independent and easy to take care of. I love your kittens' unique names.

Anonymous said...

I'm a cat person myself.

But really glad that you decided to get pets even if they are outdoors they truly love you no matter what - it is such a great thing. Plus you are giving cats a home which is great for them to stay out of the shelter!

I really like the names - especially coming from a nurse that's pretty cool!

& sorry to hear about moxi!

Lizzy said...

cute kittens!

The Management said...

Sorry about Moxi, but these new little kittens are sweet! Our barn cat likes to chill under the vehicles as well :)

Katie Cook said...

O.M.G. I was dying laughing at this post! As someone who has had health problems for a long time, and has taken some of these drugs you've named your animals after, I was rolling with laughter! Hilarious! Rach, you are so great! Love Katie

Sapir @ The Sapphire Queen said...

All of them are adorable! I've been a "pet" person for pretty much my entire life. I think this comes from the fact that I've had at least one pet since I was 5 so I don't really remember life without them! I'm glad you've joined the group :P
I'm thrilled to be your newest follower and would love it if you could return the follow if you get a chance and wish to :)
Sapir @

Cassandra Too said...

OMG! Cute pictures!:D
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xoxo backtofive

Tif said...

All I could think was "Cat on a hot tin roof" with the first photo! Following you back!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet kitten. You will have so much fun.

Found you through a Weekend Wanderings and hope you will visit me and join.