06 July 2012

What's Not on my Bucket List

Life of Love

I typically tend to do everything that I want to do. Maybe it’s because my desires aren’t all that ambitious, I’m not sure. It’s true, I haven’t yet gone to Disney World. However, that’s because I don’t yet have enough money for the trip. One of these days, we’ll go.
Since I can’t think of anything that lines up too completely with this prompt, and because I’m not all that concerned with rules in general, I decided to write about some things that frequently appear on bucket lists which I have no desire to do, and if all goes well, I will never do!
1. Skydiving. I don’t even like super tall roller coasters with dramatic drops. Falling isn’t fun for me. I suppose it’s fun for others, so they can skydive, but I won't.
2. Go to Paris. There’s a few places I might like to see in England or Spain, but I’m really not a huge fan of Europe in general. I'd rather travel to Asia if I had the chance to do some international traveling. Besides that, I'm not a fan of the French language. This could just be some childish resentment over how troublesome it was to learn how to spell chauffeur back in 5th grade, I’m not sure.
3. Get a tattoo. Seriously, I almost chickened out about getting my ears pierced for the second time, and I avoid any suggestion of getting my blood drawn religiously. There’s no way I would go under a needle willingly.
4. Owning more than one purse at a time. Okay, I don’t think this is really a bucket list type of thing, but I get the impression that many women would like to own more than one purse at a time. I have no such ambition. If I had more than one purse, I doubt I would ever use the extras because I wouldn’t want to take the time to switch everything I had in one purse over to the other!
5. Run a marathon. No, just no. Exercise is great and all, but I have no desire to run. Ballroom dancing sounds like a much more fun way of staying in shape!
6. Learn a new language. It might sound funny for someone who loves languages as much as I do—but I’m not really interested in starting to learn a whole new language. I’ll be content if I can achieve fluency in Chinese and Spanish, and even that seems like quite the challenge, for now.
Lost Star said...

Love the idea of a 'not on my bucket list.' Great post!

Sar said...

Something totally funny: you don't get that "falling tummy" feeling when skydiving. In fact, it doesn't even feel like you're falling, it just feels like you're being blow with really high wind as you're moving closer to the ground (and even though, context clues make it feel super slow). That's something I was definitely surprised to feel! Not like it's going to change your mind regarding skydiving, just wanted to share something cool!

Amy said...

i love that idea! :)
There are definitely a few things i have on my "i'm never, EVER, going to do that" list! :)

Karenna said...

Awesome post! I want to go skydiving sometime in my life. But I don't know what's holding me back from running... It's one of those things that I wish I had the willpower to do but I just don't ever want to do it. :) I wish my husband would ballroom dance with me! Did y'all take lessons together?

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I don't know about this fifteen day challenge... if I wasn't engaged in two others, I might leap in right now.

Seriously, this backwards bucket list is a grand idea. I think my first one is, not unlike yours, "Follow the Rules as Prescribed by Anyone Else." NO NO THANK YOU, NEVER!

I am glad SITS brought me here today!

Anonymous said...

New follower...I do want to do the marathon and I have enough purses that they require their own rack in the closet...yikes lol

Katie said...

I have no desire to skydive either!! But I did run a few marathons and am glad I did!

Dawn @ Come Over For Coffee said...

You always make me smile. I have a few never-evers too. Bungee jumping, swimming with sharks, owning only one purse :-)

Being Reese 2 said...

lol, skydiving is super overrated. So is Paris. Plus it's super trashy. You're so much better off with England. At least there's a chance you might run into David Beckham :)

New follower via Musings of a Southern Housewife blog hop
The Importance of Being Reese

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome!

Katie Cook said...

love it. I just smiled big:)

especially the running a marathon part. um...why would almost killing my body be fun? seriously people! come on!

but Paris...that should be on your bucket list. i've been there numerous times, and it is always magic. the first time i went i was afraid my expectations wouldn't be met, but there were, a million times over. and guess what, i don't speak french, and neither do you need too! so GO my friend, GO!

love love love

Laura said...

Ummm yeah! I'm totally with you on the no marathon thing! Might not even run a 5k in my lifetime.

Sarah Hartley said...

Haha, I love that you did a Not list. Fantastic. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm following you now and hope you'll stop back soon!

Cassidy said...

Great list! No skydiving or marathons for me either!