09 August 2012

{Extremely} Colorful Projects

A few weeks ago, I finished my first sewing project made from an actual pattern! As you might imagine, I was quite proud of myself.

During the project, I was literally moving from my sewing desk to my computer desk and back again, reading terms and instructions that I didn't understand on the pattern, and then looking them up on Google to figure out what they meant. I now consider myself a "real" sewer because I got to use my seam ripper for the very first time during the course of this project! Okay, the very first three times, but you know, sometimes you just have to sew a sleeve on backwards a couple times in order to figure out which direction it ought to go.

And here's the finished project:

Problems: It's been nearly 100 degrees here more often than is healthy for human life, and this shirt is way too hot for that kind of weather. I also feel that I'm slightly swimming  in it. I made the smallest size possible on the pattern, and didn't feel comfortable going beyond that to make it smaller since it was my first experience with a pattern. The belt helps a little, I think. Here's what it looks like without the belt:

You can also see that the hems don't quite match up at the bottom--but I just decided not to care! Angel's not a huge fan of the light turquoise and navy blue combo, but I like it.

Then again, I also stubbornly like my red kitchen and yellow dining room, which look like McDonald's when put together.

I'm just not really a pastel kind of person. But I still love people who are! For example, when I made a patchwork-style scarf as one of my first sewing projects, I made mine out of silver, black, and purple patterned fabrics. When I made my sister the same type of scarf, I made it in fabrics that were different shades of tan. (How boring!) But that's okay. Everyone ought to have their own sense of style. How about you? Do you go for bright colors or prefer something a little more elegant or muted?


  1. I can't believe you made that. Amazing! The dark blue looks really good on you.

  2. Cute shirt. You did a good job.

  3. super cute! I wish I had those skills ;)

  4. I am impressed! I can eve sew a button back on she they ALWAYS fall off. I do like it more with the belt, but either way you can pull it off and look GREAT!

  5. look at you little mrs. martha stewart. love!

  6. Congrats for your first pattern made shirt. The result looks great! I have started checking out patterns too. It might be easier to do dresses with patterns..

    Colors are great but I usem them as a "highlits" in our decorations.

  7. found you through two thirty-five designs! you did a fabulous job with the shirt! I only with I had the patience to follow a pattern!

  8. Stopping by from the link up. Fell in love with your thumbnail and had to check out the post! Love it. So jealous you made it yourself!

    Understated Classics

  9. I think you did a fantastic job in this sewing project! I really like the navy blue and how you added a contrasting color and details in the pockets and the sleeves! And it looks great with the belt!


  10. I think you did a great job! I love it and love the pockets! and I am a fan of your colored jeans too!