18 August 2012


Plenty of different traits run in families. A strong trait in my family's genetics is the big hair gene. If we'd only lived in the seventies and eighties, we wouldn't have needed nearly the amount of perms or hairspray that others might need to achieve the coveted big hair look. My Mom has recently betrayed her curly roots by getting her hair straightened "permanently" (we all know how little permanent means in the hair world) but several of us kids are carrying on the legacy pretty darn well, if I do say so myself.

A couple years ago, back when I was still growing out my hair for the wedding--since then I've kept it pretty short so the volume isn't as impressive. How many times have the people who cut my hair told me, "We could fix this for you, you know!" By means of a Brazilian blowout, that is. I'm never giving in!

My little brother's hair is currently the longest it's ever been in his life, probably because Mom isn't around to make him shave it off. This was after he'd been wearing a hat for several hours, otherwise it would be significantly more fluffy.

This little girl's hair is bigger than her body! When I see her walk by in the background while I'm talking to my parents on Skype, sometime I get confused and think she's me. And then I'm really confused. Remind me to tell you about her sometime--Anna's pretty much my favorite person in the whole world, and my idea of perfection is to live with both her and Angel fighting over me.

And we can't forget Sarah, the baby of the family. Only this big hair photo is a few years old.

This is more recent. And technically, this was her style for crazy hair day at AWANA so that explains the glitter, but the volume is pretty close to her everyday style, at least by the end of the day, if not five minutes after Mom tried to tame it into a couple ponytails or braids.

For further evidence, check out the hair on my parent's "adopted" grandbaby! What the term adopted really means here is commandeered by means of close proximity to  and great affection for her real family. Because my mom really wanted to be a grandma, sooner rather than later. I think little Shiloh's hair is quite likely to carry big hair into a whole new generation!

Currently, four out of the seven kids in my family have curls. Anna's and my hair only turned curly once we were teenagers, though, so there's still hope for some of the younger ones.
Ugochi said...

Wow! I love plenty of hair! You are so blessed. Enjoy your week Rachel!

Anna said...

fun! my hair is stick straight. I'd LOVE some volume. Do you have any to spare? :)

Unknown said...

Fab post! I did have big hair and regularly woke with hair like Sarah in the earlier photo. I now have my hair short!

Anonymous said...

I think your hair is SO beautiful! I have stick straight hair and have always wanted BIG curls! I guess we always want what we can't have right?! Thanks so much for linking up with us! Come back every other Monday ;)

Moonofsilver said...

I have super thick curly hair (through, I think less curly then yours) and can totally relate. I love my hair through, and thank God for it every day. I feel kind of sorry for people with thin hair (how humble of me?) and I think thick-haired people are really blessed!! (thanks mom for the great genetics!)