10 August 2012

Home Happenings

What do I like to do at home?

My #1 favorite activity to do is to be wrapped up in my blanket. In the winter, we heat our house to 60 degrees only, so during that season, it's a necessity, but I'm pretty fond of it during all the rest of the seasons too. To me, there's no better way to relax than with my blanket, a good book, and a tasty snack.

#2 Disasterizing my house under the influence of my latest project is always fun. Lately the disasters have consisted mostly of fabric, string, and pins, but this was last December, making 200 Christmas cards. Note that I'm sitting on my blanket, there's a black electric blanket on the couch behind me, and the plaid blanket is also there. These are commonly seen throughout the house.

#3 I just love killing all the bugs that see fit to infiltrate my home. Bad idea, guys. Really, killing the bugs is Angel's job most of the time, but occasionally I'm forced to do it myself.

#4 Wander around the surrounding fields and pastures. In this picture, we were on our way to pick some wild black raspberries. Last night we went to visit some cows and their new calves. They weren't too happy to see us, and we didn't get too close. I love living near so much open land!

#5 Doing all the little household chores that keep my home running well. And wondering why Angel takes my pictures while I'm updating our budget (which, as all budgeters know, obviously requires a sophisticated scientific calculator). I'm quite sure that immediately after this, I picked up all the shoes in the living room, like the good housewife I am. Quite sure.

#6 Avoiding our basement at all costs. This is one of my favorite things to do. Seriously, I never go down there. It's very frightening. I just stand at the top of the basement steps and throw our recycling down there and then run away. Here's just one example of what it looks like. Terrifying, right?
And by the way, it's totally okay that I don't go in my own basement because Angel, good man that he is, tidies up the recycling that I throw down there periodically and does the other necessary stuff like emptying the dehumidifier. He's so brave!

So that's me, at home.
Nice To Meet You


  1. Looks like you live somewhere really beautiful, wish I had fields like that to walk in. And I am quite sure, quite sure, that I have picked up the shoes that I left next to the sofa last night. hahaha

  2. Your post makes me want Christmas to come so I can wrap up in blankies and do cards too! And kudos to you for hand making 200 cards. That is AMAZING!

  3. Awesome post Rachel! Nice to meet you!!

  4. I love that you also disasterize the house! I, too, do the same thing, much to my boyfriend's annoyance. You would never know from my pictures that when I work on my design and stationery projects, it looks like an explosion of paper, pantone books, notebooks, pens and paperclips (with some leftover food thrown in there, too).

    Great post and nice to meet you! :)

  5. Haha I hate to agree with you but your basement is kinda scary. Hahaha. But I can't agree more on number one - I LOVE LOVE LOVE to be wrapped up in a blanket. Just waiting on fall and winter to get here. Oh hey, I'm letting my fellow bloggers know I'm doing my first give away on my blog so I hope you'll come check it out! It's a premier jewelry bracelet you can win :)

  6. Great post! We really do have a lot in common! Your living room looks a lot like my dining room when I'm working on projects :) And I was just writing a list of my *least* favorite things to do at home - going down to the basement topped my list. Even though that is where my laundry machines are, my awesome husband does that chore for us. Any way, it's nice to meet you!

  7. Haha your photos are awesome. I also "disasterize" my home on a daily basis. And I also budget using a TI-83. Boom.

  8. Nice to meet you, Rachel!!! :) I'm with you--I love to snuggle up with blankets!! It's why I'm learning to quilt! :)

  9. haha very cute and practical ;)

  10. I LOVE blankets, too Rachel, and have them scattered mostly around the living room even through the summer when my dear husband seems to freeze me in the evenings! I love all the pics, and I would definitely be frightened by that basement. I have nominated you for the Liebster award!

  11. I just killed bugs today! We have a ton of spiders around our home- not sure if it's because of the nice shady trees or just because we live at camp!- and I just spider-proofed the house tonight, with the help of HH to get the high spots!

  12. Hi there! Following you from the Return the Favor Hop ;) I have a giveaway going on so stop by and check it out!
    xo sandra

  13. Disasterize! Ha, I love that word. I used to be fine with killing bugs and then I became acutely aware of the crunch sound and no more. The kids do the job for me now. 200 cards, you're amazing! It's nice to meet you!

  14. Hi Rachel, this post encompasses some of the things that I love doing at home as well. Often it's the little simple things that bring the most happiness. I make our Christmas cards too...on vistaprint that is ;) Yours are truly handmade! xoxox

  15. This made me smile. :]
    Totally agree with you about blankets, snacks, and great books. Add one or two of my furballs, and I just don't think there's anything better. :]
    The picture of you making the Christmas cards totally reminds me of my living room when I was grading papers. Despite the fact that Chris bought me a perfectly nice desk, I never use it. I'd much rather destroy our living room where I can sit on the couch, watch/listen to the TV, and be in the middle of everything.
    And right there with you about that basement. Yikes.
    P.S. Your house looks beautiful! What a lovely place to live! :]