28 August 2012

Icebreaker Tuesday: Lesser Known Truths

It's time for Icebreaker Tuesday again! I'll go first, but make sure you answer the question too, in the comments. It's not really breaking the ice if I'm the only one talking. Here's a question that I heard used a couple years ago an event that I attended:

Today's question: What is one thing that you don't want the rest of us to know about you?

I remember that this question produced some hilarious responses, including, "I have extremely hairy legs" from this one guy who was then forced to roll up his pants and display his furry legs. The strange thing is, that I can't remember what I said at the time, so I just have to make up a new one.

Here's something really honest for you: I typically don't want other people to know that I have a bad cough, pretty much all the time. It's the kind of cough that sounds really bad--the "You're coughing your lungs out!" type. It's not as serious as it sounds, though. I think it was about 10 years ago that I first got a cough that didn't go away for six months. Since then, at various times I have coughed more or less, but for the past few years it's been pretty consistent.

At times in the past, I've been on as much as five medicines at once while they were trying to figure out what was causing this cough. Pretty much none of those have worked. I have had a TB test and that was negative, so it's nothing serious like that! Our best guess is that my throat is just a little over-sensitive. Things like being around smoke and eating ice cream or drinking cold drinks often lead to a fit of coughing. But bonfires are fun and ice cream is tasty so I don't avoid them all the time. Still, I apologize in advance in case I don't remember to offer you ice in your water, I never put ice in my drinks, so sometimes I forget that much of the rest of the world does!

I don't prefer people to know that I have a chronic cough because, for one thing, I'm very uncomfortable with medical stuff myself, and second, because they might be scared of my germs. I believe most people who I only see from time to time will just assume that I catch colds occasionally, like many people. I can assure you that even though you now know this, you should still be my friend, however, because the cough isn't contagious. I know because I've been kissing Angel quite frequently for the last few years and he never coughs.
Anonymous said...

Something I don't want people to know about me? That's a good question. Probably that I am very antisocial most of the time. I break plans a lot. I don't feel comfortable in most social situations. I try really hard but sometimes I would rather be at home in my comfort zone than out in the world.

It's hard because I am a friendly person. I like people. I just don't like having to be "on" all the time. I don't have many people where I can be "off" once in a while. Does that make sense or am I crazy?

menopausal mama said...

I'll bet the coughing drives you crazy sometimes. I get like that sometime--a coughing fit and it is so hard to suppress--especially if you are at the movies or something. If I laugh too hard, I start having coughing fits. Then everyone looks at me like, ""Geez, how sick are you??" Haha!

Unknown said...

That would drive me crazy! Mine would be that I have to sleep with some kind of noise, I can't fall asleep in complete silence. Weird!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

If I answer the question then you will know silly.

Anonymous said...

I bite my toenails and still pick my nose.

menopausal mama said...

Following you now on GFC! :-)

Tranae said...

My go to dance is the robot. Sad, I know. lol

Anonymous said...

I'll still be your friend, Rachel :). I hate you have to deal with the cough though. I had a good laugh at your explanation of how you know it's not contagious.

I would have to say my feet will smell awful in certain flip flops or sandals during the summer, and I can't stand for my feet to stink (or any body part), so I will come in and wash them as soon as I get home.

Sarah Pete said...

Aw, I'd still be your friend :] Having a mysterious cough stinks, but at least it's nothing truly serious.

Something I wouldn't want people to know? Hm . . . . probably that I'm TERRIFIED of groups of people. If we go to a party, even a small dinner party, I stil to the hubs like glue, otherwise I stand in a corner very awkwardly. Oh, that and I HATE taking pictures of people. My siblings posing, that's fine, but send me to a party and ask me to photograph folks? Ugh. Just not happening. I feel too intrusive. Plus, I have a really bad habit of my hands jerking when I take a picture quickly. If I'm taking pics of critters or things that can't make eye contact, I'm not half bad, but people? Ew, it's not pretty.