14 August 2012

Icebreaker Tuesday: Never Have I Ever

And I'm coming back for another round! If you weren't around last week for the very first Icebreaker Tuesday, here's the drill. I am inordinately fond of icebreaker questions and I thought it would be fun to answer some typical icebreaker questions on the blog as well as hear all of ya'll's answers too. So go ahead and tell me your story in the comments, I want to hear it!

Today's question:

What have you never done that most people have?

Clearly, I'm not thinking of answers such as: traveled in outer space or swam across the Atlantic Ocean.  Very few have done those type of things!

As for me, I've never vacuumed my own house. I vacuumed when I was a kid because my mom told me to, of course, but I haven't vacuumed since becoming the lady of my own house. It's my least favorite chore so Angel does it for me. It's weird--I'll mop floors and scrub bathtubs and do laundry and wash dishes--but I won't vacuum.

I've never used canned vegetables in any of my cooking since getting married. I love fresh veggies too much!

I've never received an actual high school diploma (the piece of paper. I guess if I wanted one I would just make a cool one on Microsoft Publisher (homeschooled kids, ya know), but it seems kind of irrelevant now that I finally got my college diploma in the mail.

I've never gone back to the same hairstylist twice. I don't particularly like getting my hair cut, and I've never had a haircut that I liked so much that I knew for sure I wanted the exact same thing again. In reality, my hair mostly looks pretty much the same all the time. And sometimes to avoid going out to get it cut, I do it myself. Like last week, when I realized that my bangs reached the tip of my nose, so I gave them a good chop.

One of my self-haircuts from a while back. The great thing about my curly hair is that it's very forgiving to an inexperienced hair cutter.

So, what have you never done?
Amy said...

Loved this post!
I learned a lot of new things about you! ESPECIALLY the hair stylist. Man i've been going to the same lady (who is my best friends mom) for 10 years! :)

Alexandra Anne said...

My "never have I ever" is terrible for a girl who has lived in Alabama for five years now....I have never gone to a football game. EVER. I've seen bits of games on tv, and sat down to watch one game once. Yeah, I just don't do sports.
I've also never attended public school! Was in private school or homeschooled for my whole life! Now I'm headed to college full time, so I suppose that's public. But never a public high school.

Katie Cook said...

I have never laid outside to intentionally get a tan, and when you live by the beach in southern california, that is really weird! I wear like 100 SPF sunblock all the time, haha, everyone here thinks i'm so weird, ha! WE just got back from Alaska, excited to catch up on your blog! love Katie

Anna said...

never been to disneyland/world/anything.
I hope to correct this sometime in the near future!

Sarah Pete said...

Love this post! And the feature--great fun :]

I've never dyed my hair, gotten a tattoo, broken a bone, attended public school, or had any kind of rodent pet (no hamsters or guinea pigs, nadda). I'm wanting to change the whole hair-dye/tattoo thing, but, every time I bring it up, Chris looks like he might cry . . . can't make a grown man cry . . . oh well, maybe one day . . .

Unknown said...

I never seem to make it back to the same hairdresser either. I'm always amazed when people have the "one girl" who's ONLY allowed to touch their hair, lol. I did stop cutting my own bangs, though, after an unfortunate incident once :)

Have a lovely evening <3 Amy @ Interpret As You May

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