07 August 2012

Icebreaker Tuesday: Spectacular Injuries and Kissing Nurses

I love icebreaker questions. At various points in my life, I've facilitated Bible study meetings and youth groups, and it's often been my job to come up with an icebreaker question to start off the night. You know the drill, everyone goes around in a circle and says their name and answers the question. Sometimes the questions I come up with are a little more on the normal side, and other times they are a little more random. When I let Angel help me come up with the week's question, we're likely to get a a really weird one, like "Were you breastfed or formula fed as an infant?"

So I don't ask for his input too often on this specific task.

However, since I love icebreaker questions, and since I'd love to get to know you all, my wonderful readers, a little better, I thought I'd start incorporating them into my blog, probably on a weekly basis. What do you think about Icebreaker Tuesdays? Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Okay, no, it totally doesn't. But that's fine with me. There aren't any days of the week that start with I, and I'm not really a big fan of alliteration anyways.

 Totally random picture. But I had to show you my awesome shirt. Notice what it says? Kiss more nurses. People always ask if I'm a nurse when I wear it. I say no, I just kiss one.

So, let's start out with a question that's not too boring, and at the same time, isn't too off-the-wall either. I don't want to scare you away! I'll answer the question to start with, and anyone who wants to can answer in the comments--I want to hear about you!

Today's question:  

Have you ever been spectacularly injured? If so, what's the story?

My story of spectacular injury is nowhere near as good as the stories that some of my siblings could tell (chopping off a fingertip with a meat cleaver, anyone???) but it would be cheating to tell one of their stories. So I'll stick to mine.

When I was 12 years old, my siblings and I were going to race down a big, paved hill on the type of scooters that you push with your feet. We said "Go!" and pushed off, all at the same time. I had a pretty good advantage in the race, as this was back when I was still bigger the rest of my siblings, and had more weight, which worked together with gravity to give me a competitive speed.

But halfway down the hill, my scooter hit a tiny rock in the road, and I fell over the handlebars, face and hands first. Blood dripped out of my chin at a steady rate, and we decided to quickly call off the race and head home. During the short walk home, all the other neighborhood kids who were outdoors crowded around, saying, "Man, that looks really bad!" "Are you okay, Rachel?" "That's a ton of blood!" and other helpful things like that.

Mom and Dad took me off to the emergency room right away, and I ended up getting my chin glued rather than stitched back together. It looked pretty awful for a while, and didn't feel that great either, but as of today I only have a tiny scar on the bottom of my chin as a reminder. And I've never ridden a scooter since.

So, what's your spectacular injury story?
Halie Renee said...

I think mine was around 13, when I was at my best friend's house riding ATV's (4-wheelers). We were on a tiny trail through the woods, when I hit a big root in the trail. It kind of threw me off balance, causing me to side-swip a tree. This threw me even more off balance, and I was kind of thrown around a bit. My calf ended up hitting the burning hot muffler, which resulted in "Yamaha" literally being burned into my leg. It was probably a third degree burn, and I had to get some of that prescription burn cream to put on it. "YA" lasted in my leg for years, but has eventually worn off, although not as much hair grows in that region now :)

Unknown said...

I feel like i have all these stories of times I've really jacked myself up, but for some reason, these are the only ones that come to mind...
I was about 5 and my family and I were visiting the Philippines. One day, I was watching one of my relative's maids (ya..they had a maid), iron. Being the spaced out child that I was, I got excited to point at some clothes, or underwear, or something..and needless to say, when I jut my arm out, my hand was brushed by the iron. I have a scar on the too of my left hand that's still there today. That was 21 years ago.
Also on the same trip...I was playing in my grandparent's backyard when I saw a distance away a horrible thing - a dead rat. I was so disgusted by it I couldn't move, so I just stood there. I suddenly realized that my feet were burning. I looked down and found I had chosen to freeze on top of a fire ant hill. Yayyyy.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog by the way! I enjoy your blog and am your newest follower:)

-Pamela (

Unknown said...

And I guess those weren't really spectacular injuries..but they were traumatizing for a 5 year old;)

Cait said...

bahaha goodness what a story! stopping by from the link up! so glad i did because your blog is super cute! cant wait to read more :)

Unknown said...

Well I am glad your chin turned out okay! Sounds pretty bad to me!

The one thing that has happened to me was last year

I use to bake cakes and sell them and worked with fondant all the time. I had just bought a brand new exact-o knife, the ones that come on a stick with a cap, somewhat like a pen to use for fine detailing.

You know how you are suppose to hand scissors with the handle facing the person you are giving it to and the sharp end in your hand? Well I had the capped blade in my hand to hand it over to a friend. When they grabbed it from afar, (when you are too lazy to get your butt up but close enough to reach out and you grab something you kind of pull back quickly) the lid slid off, and the next thing I knew was a fountain like stream of blood gushing from my fingers.

Of course I was cry, I had never broken a bone before, I had never even been stung by a bee, so I was pretty freaked out. I looked at my finger to see a pretty big gap of flesh showing. The "great" thing about this is I didn't feel much pain, I cut the through tendon and the nerves so I am guessing that's why I only felt a slight throbbing. I ended up getting surgery for the first time ever, they cut an "s" in my finger so the scar would heal better and In therapy I could have better movement. The most pain i felt was after the surgery, I was screaming at the top of my lungs it seemed because my medicine didn't kick in for about 10 minutes.

It was an interesting memory. I haven't baked cakes since then mainly cause my cast looked like a sloth arm and prevented me from doing a lot.

Anonymous said...

So how much did that E.R. visit cost you? What where the costs of everyone elses injuries...if they can remember when they were 5 years old :P

Anna said...

oooh, do you think I could get Mo to wear a shirt like that?? :)

Sarah Pete said...

Oh dear! I'm glad your chin healed up well :] I wouldn't ride scooters after that either. And your nurse shirt? Love it! Just too cute. And the link up sounds like fun!

I'm like you in that I don't have many grand injuries. My only truly notable one involved a trampoline when I was ten. The springs were exposed, and, when I tried jumping off the trampoline, my foot got caught in the springs, and I was flipped upside down, hanging there. My knee was sprained/hyper-extended/something. I started crying in a panic that my parents would be mad because hospitals were expensive--my parents cared about me, but I cared abou t the price. This is not unusual, sadly. lol. My knee was so swollen, the x-ray revealed nothing but fluid, so they put me in a knee brace for two weeks. For once, I was popular in my class because everyone wanted to use my crutches. Yippee ;]