27 August 2012

I'm Rachel, and I Name my Clothes

So, I discovered last week when I mentioned my Clown in Cowboy Boots outfit in a post, that several people found the concept of naming outfits to be something totally foreign. You know how you get so used to yourself that everything you do seems normal, and you don't realize that some things you do may be weird to other people? I was surprised that what what stood out to several of my readers on that post was the fact that I name my outfits, because to me....naming outfits is normal. It serves the practical purpose of providing an organization system for tried-and-true outfit combinations in the back of my mind, and it's also fun!

I thought I'd dig through some of my picture files and show you some of my favorite named outfits from the past. Unfortunately, I found that I don't have pictures of a couple that I really like, for example, the Jack Sparrow and the John Wayne. But both of those are cold weather outfits so I'll have to wait for fall to snap some pictures.

Disclaimer: Before you continue, I want to note that whatever I so happen to name my outfits is not meant to imply anything about who I am. I do not think I am Audrey Hepburn, an Indian, a cowgirl, a guitar player, or a construction worker, so please do not be offended by any perceived presumption towards such groups on my part. I just like getting dressed, that's all.

 This is the "Purple haired, left-handed guitar playing rocker cowgirl"
This one's claim to fame is the sheer length of its title. And yes, that is a normal guitar and yes, I'm just pretending to play it backwards.

 The "Cowboys and Indians"
It's hard to see in this picture, but it's a traditional Indian tunic and shawl paired with cowboy boots.

 The "Ginger Grant"
This was a costume party, but I always feel like Ginger in that dress. Three points for anyone who knows who Angel is supposed to be!

 The "Domino"
Note: This outfit is still the Domino, even when I don't have a paper domino pinned to my back.

 The "Undecided Apple"
You know, both red and green and anti-doctors. This was at a costume party, to be fair, but I've also worn this elsewhere, minus the sign. Because doctors are necessary.

 The "Audrey Hepburn"

 The "Bruise"
Get it? Black and Blue all over!

 The "Sequins are totally appropriate for a hiking trip"
'Cause that's what I think. I also think that sequins match with Keens, and you might as well not attempt to convince me otherwise.

 The "I'm always cold!"
This has variations, but it always involves wearing a jacket and gloves at places that other people are not wearing jackets and gloves, like, say, the beach.

 The "Duchess"
A rather toned-down outfit for me. I'm not sure if a duchess would wear denim, but I'll just say she would.

 The "Minnie Mouse"
I don't know, this dress just feels like Minnie to me!
 The "Flower"
Green stems, and either an orange or pink shirt/bloom.

 The "Working Woman"
Steel toed shoes, a tool belt, AND a compression glove? Hardcore.

The "Abominable Snow-Rachel"
Needs no explanation.
Anna said...

haha, loved this post! favorites: the abominable snow-rachel and cowboys and indians! :) you're too cute.

Katie Cook said...

oh my goodness gracious I LOVE this. seriously, keep those names/outfits/pictures coming...this gave me a great laugh this morning! thanks for sharing girl! love Katie

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the flower.

Rhiannon said...

I can see exactly why this system would work! I never put much thought in to my clothes though, so naming them would be too much effort for me, ha!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Fashion bloggers everywhere name their fashions just look at the title if their posts. I actually think this is fab!

Unknown said...

wow, those are some pretty unique outfits names!

Mikayla said...

I love fashion and your style is beautiful!

Katie said...

i love your names. too funny! : ) and I'm a big fan of the flower one!

Nicole said...

Nice outfits! Good original names too. I think the Audrey Hepburn is really pretty. You have nice taste!

Anonymous said...

nice figure and dress nice face too!

tushar said...

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