06 August 2012

My First Drink

I come from a family of teetotalers. Angel does not. Another one of those cross-cultural differences that we've got going on.

Anyways, since I did turn 21 a few weeks ago, he's been really wanting to buy me my first drink. I didn't have a drink on my 21st birthday because that seemed too normal, but a few days ago, I gave in and let him buy me an alcoholic drink to go with our fajita dinner.

I don't know anything about alcohol except the names of various drinks or brands that are frequently mentioned in books, country songs, and movies. I can spout off names like Bloody Mary, martini, cocktail, screwdriver, Irish coffee, whiskey, Jose Cuervo, port, brandy, and rum easily.

Are you impressed with my knowledge? I am. Still, I didn't know which of those names would be a good chioce for a first drink, so I left it up to Angel. He chose a lime margarita, saying that he likes those, so we could share it.

Bad idea.

 If I look like I don't want my picture taken, it's because I don't. Ya know, sometimes you just have those moments...

I took one sip, and that was it. It was the most disgusting thing I've tasted in my life. I'd classify the taste as a combination of rotten eggs and durian. I gave it to Angel to drink for the rest of the meal. Bad, bad stuff. Angel liked it just fine, but also said that the first time he had a margarita he didn't like it either. "So why in the world did you try it again?" is what I said. I was already quite determined that I wouldn't be cajoled into taking another sip, let alone ever ordering another. I also learned what all of those country songs mean when they talk about the smell of alcohol on someone's breath. I sat as far away from the margarita as I could while still sitting at the same table as Angel, the smell was so strong!

I feel pretty strongly about not eating food that I don't like. I understand that many people may very well like margaritas. Lots of people also like sushi, and other strange foods like cooked carrots and bell peppers. I'm perfectly okay with that, but I'm also stubbornly convinced that none of these foods or drinks are right for me.

I normally order water to drink when we're out, but now I know for sure that if I ever do want to splurge and get a fancy, tasty drink, I won't look at the alcohol menu. Give me a ice-blended chocolate drink from Biggby Coffee or a Coke Slurpee  from the gas station anyday, but don't give me a margarita. Ever again. Please?

And Angel only made it through about half the margarita, anyways. Turns out that neither of us is much of a drinker. Which is perfectly okay by me. Those real fruit slushies at Sonic, on the other hand? We'll down one of those real quick--extra strawberries and all.


  1. I am glad both of you didn't like it. Alcohol really doesn't do anyone any good. Trust me, I can tell you that.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. I've never tried an alcoholic drink that I like. Never. I've tried lots of stuff. I doubt I'll ever find something either. :)

  3. I'm with you! I just don't really care for anything...

  4. I think it depends on the margarita. I had a taste of a strawberry one and it was good, but a lime one doesn't taste that great.
    Stopping by from the Monday Meet-up!

  5. Thta's ok, drinkings not for everyone. I enjoy a good drink, and by good I mean that I don't taste one ounce of alcohol, only fruity-yumminess. Maybe next time try something lighter, like a Bahama Mama...that was my first favorite. Following you now, follow me back to keep up with each other. :)

  6. I have to say, I agree with you on the whole alcohol thing, except I keep trying new kinds of drinks. They all taste like cough syrup to me--literally EVERYTHING, every drink I've tried. Rum made was the worst because not only did it taste nasty, it felt like I was swallowing too many pop rocks. Ugh.
    I hope you had a great 21st birthday! Whoo-hoo!
    Oh, and BTW, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, if you'd like it! :] Drop by my page to find the rules and award button! Congrats!

  7. There's no real reason to drink if you don't like it. I have tried wine several times and while it's not bad, I don't have much desire to take more than a few sips. It's just not that good to me. I probably would like margaritas though.

  8. Participating in the GFC Blog Hop for the first time! I'm your newest follower. :)


  9. You made me laugh. I grew up alcohol-free too. I always thought that when I hit 21, I'd start up because I could. I didn't. Too many college kids acting like morons. Then I left college and thought for sure I'd have my first drink. Nope. Too many grown ups acting like idiots. Now I'm 37, and I just don't see the point. I don't have any issue with other folks drinking, but it's just not for me. Plus, it smells awful!

  10. I don't drink, but i imagine if I did, I'd go for whatever is sweetest and fruity. :)

  11. I used to drink a lot, but nowadays I'm much happier with a Coke or slushie.

  12. LOL! People always tell me that beer is an acquired taste, but I'm with you - if it tastes bad, why would I keep trying it?? I do like some other drinks, but tequila isn't my favorite, so I generally avoid margaritas, too.