20 August 2012

Saturday Surprise

I returned from my vacation on Saturday afternoon. Well, really, I only halfway returned. My aunt and uncle drove back to their house and dropped me off to stay with my sister Lizzy until either Angel drove there to pick me up, or I convinced Lizzy to drive me back. (Remember, Angel dropped me off there the week before since my car was in the shop).

I was at her house alone most of the evening till she came back from work at 10:45, and I kept myself busy raiding her refrigerator, doing laundry, and catching up on internet. I talked to Angel at 8 pm when he got off from work and he told me that he didn't think he had to work the next day, Sunday, so he would be able to drive and pick me up tomorrow. I was pretty sure that he was working Sunday, because he's never scheduled for only half of a weekend, so I told him to call his work and confirm before making any plans to come get me.

Lizzy arrived at 10:45 bringing cereal and milk, which I'd asked for because even though I'd tried to raid the fridge, just about the only thing I could find was frozen fish. She'd barely been in the door two minutes, and was checking her facebook while I chatted with her when we heard what sounded like a door closing. I asked, "Did you lock up when you came in?"

"Yes, and I armed the alarm system too," she said.

I laughed. "Well, you know this house makes all sorts of weird noises when you're here alone."

She was just beginning to offer her hearty agreement when we heard a loud beeping. "The alarm!" Lizzy yelled, and ran towards the alarm to disarm it. "Ahhhhhh!" I yelled, and ran to hide in the bedrooms.

Apparently this is how we separately handle scary situations.

From my hiding place, I heard Lizzy says, "What are you doing here?" and a guy's voice responding, and then laughing. I didn't recognize the voice, so I warily crawled out of my hiding spot and approached the door. There was Lizzy, still frantically pushing buttons on the alarm system, and there was Angel!

He drove 2 hours after working a 12 hour shift at the hospital so that he could spend the night with me and bring me home in the morning.

No wonder I married him.

Together again!

And the winner of a copy of The Random Writings of Rachel is......Tiffany Johnson!
Anni S said...

Stopping by from the Monday Meet Up :)

Lovely Blog!


Anna said...

awww. :) lots of points for him!!

Mindy @ New Equus - A New Creation said...

He's a keeper in more ways than one Rachel! ;) What a sweetie!

P.S. Love the hair post, too! Without my curling iron I would be back in the 80's with my frizzy big hair! Ha!

Kristina said...

That's so sweet!

Tami Von Zalez said...

Popped in from Monday Meet Up ~

Unknown said...

This is so sweet, and funny!

Unknown said...

Cute blog!!! Your writing is adorable. Wish I can write this way :(

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Moonofsilver said...

That. is. so. sweet.