13 August 2012

The Random Writings of Rachel {Giveaway}

I'm pretty excited about the fact that I passed a pretty big blogging milestone--150 followers!--last week, and to celebrate I'm going to give away a copy of the book that I self-published a few years ago. A few of you have expressed interest in my book, and I can tell you for sure that it's a lot like my blog, only more fictional. I'm not sure sure which is more random though--the book or the blog. I think the book might have just a tiny bit of a head start on the blog, but we'll see.

And just so you know what you're getting if you win:

Here's an excerpt from the book. This is one of the true stories:

 The Day that Time Forgot

I'd heard about the stories of the sun standing still as Joshua and the armies of Israel fought and defeated their enemies, but I never thought that time would stand still within my lifetime. I walked to my eight o'clock class this morning, and as I glanced at a clock in the hallway, the time read 8:28. "What?" I thought, "That's impossible. I know I’m not late. The clock must be off." 

I walked into my classroom and sat at my desk. Since there were only a few students and no professor in the room, I was quite sure that I was not half an hour late for class. I looked up at the clock on the wall and was a little disconcerted when this clock also read 8:28. "That's really weird..." I thought. Two clocks off by exactly the same amount of time. Then my professor walked in and immediately began his lecture. I scribbled notes frantically for an unbearably long time until I figured that class must certainly be almost over. I stole a look at the clock when my professor's back was turned as he wrote something on the chalkboard. The clock read 8:28. So class was only half over. No, wait. That clock said 8:28 when I walked into the classroom! Something fishy is going on. Ever so stealthily I slid my cell phone out of my pocket and took a peep at the time. My cell phone was clearly not affected by the plague, as it read 8:45. Only five more minutes and I would be free. I returned my attention to the lecture and scribbled away for the last five minutes of class. 

After that class was over, I headed to my math class, in    another building across the campus. I walked into that class and was amazed to find that there, the clock also said 8:28. My math professor was even more perturbed by this occurrence than I was. She distracted herself from her lecture several times by glancing at the clock, stopping to stare at it in disbelief, and then rushing to her desk to check the little digital clock on her desk. At one point, she stopped in the middle of writing a formula on the board to complain that she had told her husband last week that she wanted to buy a new watch since her old one broke, but he told her no, just wait, since your birthday's coming up and Mother's day is coming up. And the very next day he went to the store and came home with two baseball bats. Can't tell him to "Wait until Father's Day...." 

Later, in my history class, I found that yet another clock was stuck at 8:28. The history professor walked into the room, took one look at the clock, and smiled. He turned to us, and said, "Class, your worst nightmares have come true. You are now stuck in history class until 2:20....and 2:20 may never come."

"Oh," I thought, "that explains it. I had been wondering the whole day what was wrong with this picture!" 

The theory of this being a nightmare worked out very well except for the fact that everyone was awake.
What do you think? Do you want to read more randomness? If you win, I'll mail a copy to you right away (this giveaway is only open to readers residing in the US, and will be open for a week). If you don't win, but are still interested in reading the book, I can let you know right here that I've decided to throw in a copy of my book with any purchase of an "Awesome Ad" on this blog. Check out my sponsor page for more detail. And without further ado, the giveaway!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my word!!! I've already said I want to read this, but posting an excerpt is like teasing me something fierce!

Anna said...

I think it's so cool you wrote a book. :) Any thoughts of doing more?