10 September 2012

10 Pictures, 10 Hours

Today I'm linking up with Rebekah at A Bit of Sunshine for Ten on Ten. The idea was, for the tenth of the month, to take ten pictures over the course of ten hours. Angel and I had fun with this today, and I can guarantee that today was much better recorded than most of our days!

6:00 am
We have no food. And by "no food," I mean that we have frozen chicken breasts and cans of cream of mushroom soup, but nothing that sounds tasty for breakfast, so I eat an apple.

7:00 am
Angel still isn't awake, so it's time to work on one of my many 'works in progress.'

8:00 am
Angel's awake! I tell him we have to go to the grocery store, but he has to do his hair before we go out.

9:00 am
Any good coupons in the newspaper today?

10:00 am
Mischeivousness in the grocery store.

11:00 am
More errands! We were at the post office to mail a copy of my book to Amy.

12:00 pm
Angel's happy...I'm not so sure about Narcan.

1:00 pm
 Do you like the Pacman shirt I won at an arcade?

2:00 pm
What are you looking at?

3:00 pm
You just got to have popsicles while the warm weather lasts!


  1. so cute, stop it! haha, love Katie

  2. Excellent day. Excellent photos.

  3. Love the pac man shirt :-) And I think we might have the same color on our nails :-)
    Great set!
    And yes airplane travel is tiring, but I did a little nap on the couch, feel much more awake now!

  4. Love the pictures!! The red, white and blue popsicles are my fave.

  5. Love this! What a great idea. haha, oh you and your authentic mexican. I'm so glad there are other people in the world with a sense of humour like me - i think we would get along really well!

  6. Very very cute!!!!! Hehe. (: (: so fun!!! Nicely fine for getting up so early!

  7. Such a cute set! You three are adorable. Love the Pac man shirt and awwww, such a pretty kitten.

  8. What a cute idea! You and your little family are so sweet! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! :)
    Nikki at

  9. I love the pictures, and I am especially fond of that book that found its way to my house :). I am completely jealous of your Pacman shirt! Narcan is just too cute and what beautiful eyes. Great pictures!

  10. wait--what? you have a book? How do I buy a copy??? I didn't know you had a book!!!!!!!