14 September 2012

Abbreviation Aggrevation

Maybe I'm just allowing my inner nerd to come out here, but I have to admit something. I don't like abbreviations.

You see them everywhere.

wed. dec. lb. oz. jr. BC AD cm. kg. ft.

Okay, maybe some of those are necessary. According to the experts who write Language Arts textbooks. But then you have the texting-style abbreviations and the 'cutesy' abbreviations too.


You wouldn't know it now, but back in the olden days (high school), I did text. Quite a bit too. But even then, I was rather stubborn and typed out every letter in every word. I would literally type, "Are you going to youth group tonight? If you are, could you give me a ride to church and back? Thank you."

To me, there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not super informed about texting manners anymore, though, so could you tell me, is it annoying if the people you're texting with spell everything out? I'm not sure what it is about abbreviations, but I just tend to feel that most words deserve to get spelled out.

How would you feel if you were a word that always got shortened because everyone was too busy to even take the time to write out all of the letters that rightfully belonged to you?

I also don't like nicknames, generally. I was always embarrassed when my Dad called me "Rachy-baby" when I was a kid. And I'm pretty persistent in not calling Angel or referring to him as my "hubby." Mostly because I can't say the word without laughing, and partially because I find it a very confusing nickname. I know lots of ladies who call their boyfriend "hubby," which confused me because I thought "hubby" was short for husband. But by now I think it's just a nickname. I bet it's also confusing when I refer to Angel as my favorite boyfriend. I'm not really big on affectionate terms in real life-- but Angel knows what it means when I start calling him "Honey."

And I actually did nickname Angel, because he's a special case. Angel's nickname is "Lovey" after Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island. Nowadays, according to my little cousins, our couple name is "Lovey Dovey": I'm Dovey, and he's Lovey.

A guy at my cosmetology school who I met last week has taken to calling me Rach. Not even my mom, my husband, my sisters, or pretty much anyone who knows me calls me Rach. A few old friends might, occasionally, but it's been a long while since I've heard it. I'm not offended by Rach, just noticed it and find it strange to be nicknamed by an almost complete stranger. It's not as if Rachel is a very long name or one that is difficult to say. My sister Elizabeth on the other hand....that's a long name. Practically impossible to pronounce, so I've heard. She's been Lizzy to most people in the world for years now, and I think she likes it.

Lovey and Dovey? Okay, I'll grant you that one. Hubby and Rach? Not my favorite.


  1. I totally agree with this! I don't do many abbreviations in texting. Or in my designs. Words deserve to be spelled out. They were created for a reason. Why shorten someone's handiwork of creating a word?

  2. We once had a couple tell us they use nicknames for each other because it's hard to use them when you're upset. We tried this and it actually works. It's a good indicator when you aren't sure of the others true feelings. We rarely use our given names and it's been fun recently because our oldest has pick up on it and calls us "honey" sometimes. I really don't want my 3 year old calling me by my given name either.

  3. I always type/text everything out too! And I never used terms of endearment til I had kids. Now I call both of them baby, sweetie, bubs, etc and still call my husband Matt. haha I don't know why? It just happened that way...

  4. When my husband was in the "USMC" he was a "JTAC." EVERYTHING was abbreviated or had an acronym. It made my brain hurt.

  5. I am 100% in agreement with your take on the word "hubby." I do NOT use it. it's silly. Nor do I want to be called 'wifey.' ever.
    :) just saying.
    we don't have nicknames but we throw around the occasional babe or love.

  6. CBC, BMP, CABG, ABG, the entire periodic table, LUE, RUE, BLE, ULQ, LLQ, GERD, HgbA1C, ETOH, DM, PVD (Peripheral vascular disease), CAD, HLD, STSG (split thicknes skin graft), LIS (low intermitent suction), OG (orogastric tube), IV, SSD, ROM, MRSA, VRE, C.diff.

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  7. I agree!! I can't stand most "cutesy" words...hubby, preggo, wifey...all those drive me nuts. I hate them. I usually spell out everything in texts as well...I can't STAND it when people abbreviate "to" or "too" as "2", and I can't STAND it when people shorten "you" to "u". Barf.

    As far as nicknames...I'm pretty sure my husband and I just call each other "babe" or "baby" most of the time...we don't really do nicknames. Some people call me "Ang", but not many...

  8. Too funny!
    I totally write out everything in texts, too, and, unless I'm in a super hurry, all with currect capitalization and punctuation. It's the English teacher in me . . . with a hint of grammar nazi ;]
    I grew up with loads of nicknames because my mom spouts them off like breathing (people don't even know what my dad's real name is because she calls him by so many nicknames).

    However, I don't really use them except for my pets . . . which is weird . . . Chris's nickname MIGHT be "Kiddo," but I don't know . . . On the blog I call him "hubs" just because, but it's not something I actually call him in person.

    I call just about everyone "honey" or something along those lines, though I HATE it when people say "my boo." I don't know why, but it just bugs me.

  9. It's funny, I didn't realize that I don't call my husband by any of the nicknames I use on the blog until Sarah (above) mentioned it. I go through phases of nicknames. For awhile I only called him by his first name or Babe, then Beebee, and now Honey Bun. I kind of hate this latest nickname I gave him. I have no idea where it came from, it just slips out of my mouth. I gave up trying to figure out all the military abbreviations he spits out. There's just too many.

  10. I just started following your blog and have to say I definitely agree with you about the abbreviation thing. I'll do the occasional "lol" but it's mostly just because I feel like typing "haha" all the time is going to make me look like a weirdo.

    I'm not really big into endearment terms, but I find myself quasi ironically referring to my husband as "honey," but it's only when I want him to do something for me. In my head I think I also refer to him as "hubster" (a much cooler version of hubby) but I'm pretty sure I've never ever said it.

  11. I do not mind abbreviations for words, unless they're too hard to decipher. I do not like them in academic papers, or school papers. I use them casually in e-mails, posts, replies, and the like...

    And I call my husband hubby. LOL :) Couldn't resist, sorry.

    Happy to have found your blog! I'm your newest follower.

  12. haha, you are too cute! I like how you are set on certain things! I like to write and so I rarely shorten things. But I love the dot dot dot (...) because I trail off when I speak and I want my typing to sound like me:) So, I think in some cases abbreviating is okay as long as it still conveys language and isn't too much slang. I hate it when people mispell things...and simple words too! I have always been called Shell. But that doesn't bother me, it is when I am called a completely different name (Michelle) or Shelly, that I get an eewww face. SO I get the not wanting to be called Rach.:)

  13. I'm not an abbreviation person. I mean, if I am writing a super quick note, I will abbreviate days or months. Otherwise, I write everything out. I guess it's the English student in me.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. I have mixed feelings about abbreviations. I guess they're OK as long as they aren't all middle schooly. Nicknames, however, are perfectly acceptable. 'Liz' and 'Lizzy' are MUCH easier than saying 'Elizabeth' each time. :)

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  16. When I text I spell everything out with the exception of LOL. And I've been trying to stop using that and instead replacing it with ha or ha ha. Though I really prefer the evil laugh mua ha ha ha.

    When I was younger I didn't like anyone calling me anything other than Melissa. Now I don't really care too much that people call me Mel or Melly. I will not however answer to the name Missy. In grade school there was a girl who went by the name Missy and she had ringworm. I still associate that name that way.

  17. i HAAAATE text abbreviations! i always spell EVERYTHING out in a text message. i don't think it's annoying... i think it's how smart people text. hahaha! i do, however, SOMETIMES write "lol". i hate when people text me and say something like "hy r ths ppl comin ovr?" uhm... where are all your vowels? are we writing in hebrew?!

  18. ALSO - found you from the rustic love sister sundays blog hop :)

  19. Hello from The TT Diaries your newest follower from the weekend blog walk. I am so terrible with abbreviations I use them all the time. I am also bad with Nicknames actually the TT in The TT Diaries is my nickname I was given as a kid. My husband is always affectionately referred to as Hubby or Hubbly. Maybe I am this way because I have preteens and I am trying to keep up. It scares me to think they could have a whole conversation right in front of me that I wouldn't understand at all LOL

  20. I'm with ya on the abbreviations...I will ONLY abbreviate if I'm in a huge hurry. I just feel like it makes you seem...more intelligent?? I don't know! As to the nicknames though, I have to disagree. I adore nicknames...if I give you one, it means you are extra special to me, and vice versa. Almost strangers doing it though? I think I'd take issue with that. Ha! You should hear my husband though! The nicknames he gives his friends are never shorter than their real name (and isn't that the point??), instead they are often Greek derivatives - for example: Stephen = Stephanopolis, Jenni = Jenniforous, Zach = Zaccorous. You get the idea :-D!