24 September 2012

An Abundance of Rachel-Bloggers

Angel likes to point out that lots of marriage books seem to be written by men named Gary. For example, there's Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas (a very excellent book--I'd recommend it to anyone!). And then there's the well-known 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, along with other marriage-related books by him. I actually think it's Gary Chapman's proliferation of marriage books that contributes to the illusion that men named Gary write a lot of books on marriage, because just that one guy wrote quite a few of them! There's also Growing Kids God's Way, which isn't specifically about marriage, but teaches about parenting in a way that is healthy for your marriage--and that class is written by Gary Ezzo. Weird.

Anyways, that's somewhat beside the point, because what I've been reflecting on, is the sheer number of Rachels who blog! Now, because it would be nearly impossible to take a name count of all bloggers and find out the most highly represented name, I have absolutely no numerical evidence for which name is most commonly found in blogging. However, I have noticed a large quantity of Rachel blogs.

 In case you are ever confused by the sheer number of Rachels out there, I'm the one who always agrees to strange and sundry photoshoots that my siblings dream up. I don't mind the camera, even if I do look a little silly sometimes. Why am I in the grass again??

I believe there are two reasons for this.

1) My name is Rachel, so the name stands out to me a little more when I notice another blogger named Rachel.

2) Rachel has historically been a very common name. I've met countless other Rachels in real life and we often have to distinguish between each other through last names or initials. In one of my college classes, there was a grand total of five students. Two of us were named Rachel. That's a bit excessive, I think.

Now, I'm sure you don't just want to take me at my word that there's many other bloggers out there who share my name, so I thought I'd list a few to beef up my argument.

First of all, there's Rachael at Held By His Hand--it's the same name, even if spelled a little differently, and I have to like her, because she thinks both I and Tim Hawkins are hilarious, which shows she has great taste in humor!

There's another Rachael with that spelling at All Things Beautiful. Rachaels like these are probably the reason my name is almost always misspelled by strangers and occasionally family members who forget the proper spelling...but that's okay, I can still love Rachaels of other spellings. 

Moving on, there's the beautiful Rachel Sayumi and Rachel Emmilee too!

There's Rachel at Life in the Moment, and fashion blogger Rachel the Hat (there's an interesting story about how she got her nickname, by the way).

There's the Rachel with the postcards too, and don't forget Rachel at Happily Ever After.

That's all I can think of at the moment, though I know I'm missing quite a few! If you are or know another Rachel-blogger and comment with the link, I'll add it to my list!

So, what do ya'll think? Do you notice quite a few bloggers who share your name, or are you blessed with a rarer name?

And here's a funny story that Rachels as well as others might appreciate: Angel thought for the longest time that the meaning of the name Rachel was "beautiful and lovely in form." I guess he got that from a description of the Biblical Rachel, but it's not actually the meaning of the name. Regardless, as you can imagine, I felt no pressing desire to enlighten him as to the actual meaning. I'd take "beautiful and lovely in form," wouldn't you?
Rachael said...

baaaaa! :)

Rachael said...

And now that I have had my moment of hilarity regarding the unfortunate true meaning of our name, I will heartily agree! Out of 56 people in my graduating class, three of us were named Rach(a)el. I was the only one with the extra 'a', which was nice. When I went on a missions trip, in a team of 20 young people with 12 girls and 8 guys... there were 3 'Katie/Katy's and... duh dah! 3 Rach(a)els! :D I do think I notice it as well because of it is my/our name, particularly when the Rachael is spelt like me. I have a good friend who is Rachelle, which is pretty, and another who is Raychel, which I hadn't ever seen before I met her :)
Now, shall I broach the fact that when named Rachael, you are often called Rebecca???

Rachel Emmilee said...

Holy smokes!
In my town, there are only two Rachels, one aside from myself. I don't hear of anyone calling their babies Rachel either, but here in the Blogosphere I guess it's a very common name.
I love being Rachel. I get Rach now and then, but since being a child I've always been Rae for short. I think it's a very pretty name. Say it over and over and you'll start to question in... Haha
Thanks for tagging me in your post and linking me to other Rachels... :)

Halie Renee said...

So far I've found only 2 bloggers with similar names. My name is "Halie" (pronounced hay-lee), and I'm blogger friends with a "Hallie" (prounounced like Halle Barry) and also a "Haley" that is actually pronounced the same as mine. And I decided to become friends with them, simply because of their names. Now, I love both of their blogs too! :)
--Halie (ya know, like hay-lee)

Unknown said...

Haha I LOVE this!!! :) I'm Rachel and I'm a blogger, too!! I'm over at

My husband thinks its weird that Rachel means little lamb. I like to remind him that I'm not at all lamb-like. :) said...

that's so try about the garys! i thought about both of those titles right when i read the first sentence!
i'll be sure to check out the rachels!
i'm come across a few morgans in the blogosphere, but there definitely seems to be a lot more rachels!


Angi said...

I definitely haven't met any other Angi's that blog, especially none spelled the same way...

...but my sister's name is Rachel. ;-)

Michaela {au naturel design} said...

Beautiful photo of you. Something different is usually always fun. Happy Monday.

henning love said...

i love the name rachel, one of my favorite names for when i have a baby girl

Sarah Elizabeth said...

A lot of marriage books are written by men named Gary, including Gary Smalley (and his son Greg).

My sister is Rachel, my best friend in middle school was Rachel, and my current best friend (who I met in college) is Rachel. It is a very common name, but a beautiful one!

Thank you for your sweet encouragement on my "I believe" post. Long distance is hard, but I know, or hope, that it is only for a short while.

It's nice to "meet" you!

Rachel said...

This is amazing! Thanks so much for the link! I went to a Christian university where you were either Rachel or Sara(h). Hence my nickname of Rachel too, yes too never two!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

my middle name is Rachel! :)

LeiShell said...

I will never know what that is like. I have never met anyone with my name. (pronounced layshelle, hawaiian for seashell)...but if there was, you bet I would notice! Rachel is a great name!

rachel said...

howdy! and apparently we rachels like to ramble! ;)

Maša said...

So far I've noticed 2 other bloggers with the same name. I guess it's pretty rare. :) I always like the name Rachel. Our country's variation, Rahela, is extremely rare - I haven't met a single one in my life. :)

Rachel from Love Built To Last said...

Hi! I'm a blogger named Rachel too. You're actually the first Rachel whose blog I've read. I'm also on WordPress, so it's unlikely our blogs will be confused. :) How interesting, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm named Rebecca, and I am called Rachael at least every week.