03 September 2012


Angel and I took all of the pennies, quarters, and dimes that have accumulated around our house for the last year or so, wrapped them up, took them to the bank, and traded them in for 'real' money. With our newfound real money, we decided to go on a day trip to see the Henry Ford Museum, since Angel has recently become very interested in Henry Ford.

There is actually comparatively little information about Henry Ford at the museum that bears his name.

We had a wonderful day, but I'm quite sure that I would be bored to death if I were to attempt to write a blog about our museum trip, which is a pretty good sign that everyone else would be bored by it too.
Sometimes things just don't inspire you to write, you know! And that's probably a good thing.

So instead I want to tell you a little story inspired by the outfit I wore to the museum. This outfit I named "Compromise," because Angel loves white dresses, so I wore the white dress for him, but I prefer interesting tights, so I wore the tights for me. The interesting thing is, this outfit showed up in a slightly different variation a few years ago:

I did not call this outfit "Compromise" at that time, because I didn't know nor care that Angel liked me in white dresses.

I wore this white dress and dark tights to Angel's senior class banquet in 2009. My style hasn't changed all that much. Now, Angel and I were just friends way back then, and I wasn't really sure why he invited me to go to the banquet with him but I never asked questions back then, either.

During the meal, a very sweet girl who was also graduating got up to give a speech, and began her speech with the line, "I know I'm not the prettiest girl at our college, and I'm not the smartest, either."

At this exact moment, Angel nudged me, and whispered, "I know you would never say that."

Now this was a very bizarre experience, because I had just been thinking to myself that I would never begin a speech like that. Now, in all reality, I do know that I'm not the smartest or the prettiest girl around. That may be a fact, but it's just not the type of thing it would occur to me to say. I can laugh at myself, but I'd be more likely to join a testing competition and start studying if my college were interested in determining their smartest graduate. I wouldn't win, but I'd try, because I'm very competitive in such matters.

After the banquet, I told my Mom what Angel had said, and she asked, "How does he know you so well?" I had no idea how he figured that out about me, it was very strange. Ever since then my mom had a slight 'feeling' about Angel--she thought that anyone who intuitively understood her Rachel to that extent was someone to keep an eye on.

She was right.

And all this is to say, don't be surprised if I never say, "I'm such a bad blogger" because I didn't post for a certain amount of time, or if I didn't take pictures of a certain event. I know I'm not the best at blogging, by far. And I don't even like to be bothered by the small bulk of my point and shoot camera during most events, so I'm quite convinced that taking pictures will never be my strong suit. I will apologize when I actually do something wrong, but for non-moral issues such as intelligence or blogging, I'd rather keep on working and keep on 'competing' rather than admitting that I've dropped out of the race. That's just how I have fun.
Imee said...

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NatashaTing said...

that was epic! "I know you would never say that" :P


Anonymous said...

I almost feel sad for the girl who began her speech like that :(. I may know it internally, but I could never voice that opinion of myself to the world. I love your "Compromise" dress! You look beautiful in both outfits. How funny and sweet that Angel knew you would never say such about yourself.

Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

I love your tights. Polka dot tights are my favorite. I actually wrote a post on it once...Polka Dots and Potatoes.=)

Danavee said...

I love cashing in our change and guessing how much is there! FUN!

April said...

You are such a doll. I think it's sad she said in her speech as well. Your outfits with white dresses are adorable. Don't worry about photos, I love reading your blog! You inspire me and good for you! <3

Chelsea Melrose said...

You're outfit is super cute!! I hope you had fun at the museum! Bob and I are huge museum nerds. Let us know how it was :)

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely adorable dear(:

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!
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Happy blogging,
-XO Abbigayle Rashae

Katie said...

love the polka dot tights!! and i love your attitude!

healthy_ash said...

Love that outfit!

It's funny how well Angel knew you even when y'all were just friends - guess it was meant to be! ;)

Bev said...

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Sarah Pete said...

Ok, first off--LOVE the outfit!
Secondly, it's just too funny that he knew you so perfectly and you had no clue. Love that your mom had him on her radar from that point on. Moms are funny like that, huh? ;] Great story!