10 September 2012

First Week of School

 See my apron? And part of my name tag?

So that's it, guys. I'm a cosmetology student. I've already done a few dozen roller sets on mannikins (putting curlers all over their hair and waiting till they dry, like my mom did to me when I was little), given my first facial and haircut to a classmate, swept a LOT of hair off the floors, and been interrogated by a client about my dress size. I was innocently punching my time card while two older ladies were sitting under the hairdryers and chatting. I overheard one say, "Some of those girls are so tiny, I can't believe it."

I had no idea what the comment was in reference to, but I assumed it was something about a magazine, because magazines have that reputation of endorsing unbelievably shaped bodies. Then I turned and began to walk to my classroom, but not before being accosted by one of the women, who said, "What size are you? Zero? I want to know!"

I was slightly terrified, so I giggled. I always laugh when I'm nervous. I escaped from her as soon as I could. I heard the same lady accosting a fellow student and asking what her size was a few minutes later. I'm not sure that's to be an expected part of the experience, but we'll see, I guess. I'm sure I'll run into more than a few interesting clients during my days on this job.

 And I've already accidentally gone into the grocery store without taking my apron and name tag off. I didn't even notice till I had already checked out. I bet I looked funny in there. Oh well. I'm at school 40 hours a week, so I expect to be learning quite a bit, and quickly too. It's funny, last year at this time I was studying Mandarin and sociology--now I'll be studying the anatomy of the hair and scalp and how to not mess up people's haircuts. I like being able to study and learn in so many different fields!
Unknown said...

I would not appreciate anyone asking what size I was, even if it was by an older woman. That's just rude! I'm impressed that you even acknowledged the question :)

Stopping by from Mingle Monday! Hope you have a fabulous week my dear.


Anna said...

haha, interesting first week, it sounds like! :)
I think it would be so much fun to study all sorts of different fields. I felt a little depressed graduating from nursing and realizing I probably wouldn't get to work in a movie theater or a grocery store. ever. and there was a time I thought both of those would be fun. :) Can't wait to hear more about what you learn at school!

Angi said...

Cosmetology school sounds so fun! If I had to go back to school I would have such a hard time deciding what I wanted to learn next!

I can't wait to be an old lady and have no

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I thought it was woman code to know you don't talk weight or sizes? Silly older ladies...

So glad you stopped by to Mingle!

Heidi said...

Oh yes, I always wanted to study Cosmetology, sounds so fun (not being accosted about body size from little old ladies though, that doesn't seem fun at all)

hee hee, I giggle when I'm nervous too :)

Looking forward to your school updates, new follower!

Michaela {au naturel design} said...

Those ladies have nothing better to talk about. Glad you can laugh it off. All the best at school :)

Anonymous said...

Oh me...the famous gossiping ladies. The audacity of some of them really shocks me at times. Sounds like a great yet very interesting first week of school for you.