06 September 2012

Frustrated and Discouraged?

Or just trying to keep my curls from continually blowing in my face while reading a book at the beach?

You pick. (Hint: It's the second one.)

Sorry about the scare, it just that as soon as I saw this picture that my brother took, I started laughing at my posture and clenched fist full of hair. At first glance, I don't look terribly happy with life, but I was enjoying a day at the beach on vacation, so I'm pretty sure I was. And doesn't everyone enjoy their beach days by wearing jackets, reading books, and ignoring the water?
Rachael said...

Hehe, oh you.
And I just read your little description of yourself with your profile. You're right - our name reveals all... :) Even if I have an extra 'a'!
xx Rachael

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

haha, this post cracks me up! :)

Veronica Lee Burns said...

haha great pic!

Katie Cook said...

hahahaha! you are funny! love Katie

healthy_ash said...

Love this! Not a beach person?? Lol

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, Rachel! What a great picture!