11 September 2012

Icebreaker Tuesday: Ringtone

Okay, ya'll, I'm pretty sure everyone can answer this week's question. I can't wait to read your comments!

Today's question: What's your cell ringtone, and why?

Now, once you hear my answer, you may think it's weird that I chose this question, but I really thought it would be interesting to find out what ringtones people use.

As for me, my ringtone is....silent!! I always have my cellphone on vibrate. Ever since I got my first cell phone, that's been my preference. My phone is always on, so I like knowing that it's not going to loudly ring at an inopportune moment, like in the middle of an exam, or during the tragic ending of a movie.

Only I never go and watch tragic movies at the theater, because I only like happy movies.

 I love this man, but he sure loves to fuss me!!

Anyways--my ringtone is silent. But I must tell you, there are exceptions. You see, I'm married to Angel. And he really likes to do strange and funny things. He likes to call me when we're both at home and see me go running for the cellphone to find it and answer it. Only, since my phone is always on vibrate, I can't hear his calls unless I'm in the same room as my phone. So Angel goes to the great lengths of setting my phone to its "Outdoor" profile, so that it rings really loud, before he calls me. That way he knows I can hear the phone.

You'd think it wouldn't work, wouldn't you? Obviously, I know I always keep my own phone on silent, so if I hear my phone ringing, I'll know that it's Angel trying to trick me and I won't dash around the house searching frantically for my phone.

But somehow I never remember that key fact in the heat of the moment. And Angel gets a good laugh out of it.

So, what's your ringtone?
Rebekah said...

Great post I'll be reading!!!!!!

Rachael said...

My phone is generally on silent too... on the rare times it is not, I have no idea if it's my phone ringing or not and have to find it to check if I hear a tone. :) hehe... you funny girl <3

NatashaTing said...

Although I have been wanting to change my ringtone for a while, the Nokia Classic has been my ringtone ever since I owned a phone. My goodness, I didn't even know how loyal I am to it. It is a lot of problem though, like getting all tensed up whenever I hear a Nokia Classic.

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Erin @ Come What May said...

Hubs phone is always on vibrate and it drives me crazy because he never feels it, even in his own pocket!
Currently mine is "Ours" by Taylor Swift just because I used to listen to that song on repeat, but I'm also lazy so I never change it.

Unknown said...

I have had a cell phone for many years and I have always had them on silent / vibrate. I can't stand a cell phone ringing. It drives me crazy.

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Heidi said...

Ha ha! That is funny :) I generally have my cell on vibrate as well but it drives my husband crazy that I don't always hear/feel it and he has to leave a message. Glad he doesn't read blogs, I wouldn't want him to get any ideas from your Angel :P

Unknown said...

My phone rings so infrequently that I don't even know & it's too tedious to find my place in this app again to check. Angel's pranks are like what I do to my hubby just to make sure he knows I'm thinking if him. It never gets old for me.

Jillian Carreira said...

Recently my husband gave me his old phone... a HTC and I still have not gotten a chance to personalize it. So right now it has a jazzy musical beat. If I had the choice it would be Bruno Mars - Just the way you are. It is a song I sing constantly to my little girl and it is what I had before. But if I gave her a chance... she would chose Jar of Hears :)
I am following you now and hope you follow back.

Katie Cook said...

hahah so great:) my ring tone used to be the Jack Johnson song "bubbly toes" and sometimes in the middle of the night when it went off it would scare the BEEJEEBBEESS out of me because it sounded like a creepy man was talking to me! haha! It always scared other people! I've now picked something rather generic, hehe

Anonymous said...

Mine is always on the "outdoor" mode because I NEVER hear my phone! And mostly because I have a bad case of the "phantom vibrate". That moment where you swear it just went off...but it didn't and then you are ashamed at your lack of friends :)

Kristina said...

I don't know what my ringtone is but my phone is six years old so it's nothing too fun. We're planning to get rid of it at the end of this months and have NO cell phone! Yes, kind of scary.

Angi said...

Mine is silent as well!! I can't stand my phone loudly ringing in IF I'm at home and doing something where I know I'll need to actually hear my phone if it rings...I'm pretty sure my ringtone is Supermassive Black Hole by Muse...if it's not that, it's Rockstar by Rihanna, lol.

Chelsea Melrose said...

Mine is vibrate. My husbands however, is awesome. I picked it for him. It honks loudly 3 times and then says "WARNING! WARNING! ITS THE WIFE!" But it only does it when I call. I love it. He thinks it's hilarious.

Liz Brown said...

Mine is usually on silent or vibrate, too. But when its turned up, it plays "You Were Meant For Me" by Jewel. Love any song by her.

Anna said...

Usually on vibrate. BUT when it's on, it's the theme song from the movie "Up" :) It's my alarm ring too.

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Mine is always silent. But if on the off chance I have it not silent, it is Wild Ones by Sia. It is catchy and was the easiest for me to do for free. haha!

Anonymous said...

Too funny that Angel tries to trick you. When I'm in class my phone is completely cut off. I have this fear that even if I turn it on silent, technology will fail, and it will ring, and I'll get in trouble. When I get out of class I turn it back on, and my ring tone is Boston's "Peace of Mind."

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