18 September 2012

Icebreaker Tuesday: Worst Food Ever

Hello everyone! This week's question is designed to make you reminisce about those dishes you cringed at when your mom or grandma brought them to the dinner table. I'll answer first, and then you all, please share your stories in the comments!

Today's question: What is your least favorite dish, ever?

 This picture is really just to be annoying. While you're thinking of the the worst food you've ever eaten, you can be looking at the delicious carne asada tacos that Angel and I ate for Sunday dinner.

I guess it doesn't have to be a dish you hated in your childhood, it could be one that you came across quite recently. Growing up doesn't necessarily mean that you're never again forced to eat foods that you don't like, but I've found that adulthood has meant for me that I'm usually able to influence the menu a little more. One of the things that I was very excited about when I got married was the fact that I'd be in charge of the kitchen and that I'd be able to make my favorite dinners everyday. (Is anyone else up for fried chicken at least once a week??)

The dish that stands out to me as the one that I would run away from, or claim I am allergic to, even till this day, is Russian Fluff. In case you don't know what it is, the recipe found here sounds pretty accurate to the dish I remember. Russian Fluff was an especially terrible dinner for us kids, because whenever it was served, it was pretty much guaranteed that we wouldn't finish it, which meant that there would be leftovers served up again and again during the days that followed.

So, that's my least favorite dish. Another dish that stands out is Cabbage Soup, which really doesn't count because I think I secretly liked it when Mom served cabbage soup. Still, whenever we had cabbage soup for lunch, all of us kids would act like we were poor, mistreated orphans of the Oliver Twist era, and were being forced to eat the horrible gruel since it was only slightly better than starving to death. We'd spend the entire lunch talking about our whip-cracking orphan keepers and the stone floors and thin scraps of blankets that we got to sleep with at night. What interesting lunch buddies we must have been for our mom.

So that's my story of the dinners I detest, what about you?


  1. On the rearest occasion my dad made liver. I had a bowl of it and the texture was awful. On another occasion my mom would make this vegetable soup that I would cry as I was eating it when I was a child, but now it's one of my favorite winter soups.

  2. I think my least favorite dish has to be chicken fajitas. Or any kind of fajitas really. I hate bell peppers.

    I also don't like chicken tacos. I don't like the spices. Regular tacos are fine. But no chicken tacos! My mother has FINALLY learned this :P

  3. the worst food ever...that's a hard one...NOT! Durian every time! That stuff is gross..

  4. Least favorite food? Haha...been the same since I was a wee one...steak. I know. You all can hate me now. I've just never liked it...chewy...bloody...steak. Blech. Makes being vegan reaaaally easy though! ;)

  5. LOL - this is funny! I personally never ate it but my parents used to LOVE a disgusting 'lunchmeat' called Head Cheese -- it is still sold in deli's today and is the most hideous looking stuff. My dad would always wave it in my face and tell me I was really missing out on a treat. NOT. As far as dinners . . . Hamburger Helper -- awful!! I'm pretty sure there is nothing "real" in the ingredient list.

  6. Liver! My mom made me eat it once a month for iron--I HATED it!!! Even today, just the smell of it makes me gag!

  7. WOW one of seven! I'm the little one of 4 girls, the oldest cooked some, my parents cook amazing specially my dad but just never taught me! I'm taking notes though and i'll make sure my little ones know:) Umm no liver for me thanks..i barely do red meat!

  8. I would have to agree with Lizzy, Durian is the worst, but if I had to choose something else it would be seafood.

  9. I have to say, I absolutely hate ham! Every time we had a big family dinner, the main course was a big old ham. I would only eat side dishes, and for some reason this confused my family into thinking that I liked ham. This resulted in several offers to send me a gift ham every year. Each time that I declined, the response was "What do you mean you don't like ham? Everyone likes ham! When did this start??"