20 September 2012

If you really knew Angel...

You'd know that once upon a time, before I was around to prevent it from happening, he colored his hair blond. Sorry, no pictures, because I think he destroyed all of them after I laughed a little too hard upon discovering them. I'm such a nice wife.

You'd know that onions--that's right, onions--are his favorite food.

You'd know that he will almost never admit that a certain food is spicy. I'll pour in black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, turmeric, coriander, and every other spice in my cabinet and he'll say, "This chicken has a little kick to it."

You'd know that he wears shorts and t-shirts in winter. I'm pretty sure he's shoveled the driveway in shorts before.

You'd know that he ran cross-country in high school. Of that, there's pictures!


You'd know that his favorite channel on TV is the radar channel. I know. It's really, really weird.

You'd know that the man is NOT a photographer. His preferred way of taking pictures is to point and click without necessarily aiming the camera at anything, focusing it, or using the flash. He especially loves holding the camera over his shoulder as he walks and randomly clicking pictures of me walking behind him.

So I just smile, and try to be ready to have my picture taken at any random moment. And just so you know, in this last picture, I'm the skinny arm sticking out behind Angel's head.

You'd know that he likes to play pranks that take advantage of my blindness and my corresponding stubborn refusal to wear my glasses whenever possible. I.e. putting the leafy stem of a tomato on the floor and telling me a story about a huge spider he'd just seen in the kitchen, then laughing when I screamed and jumped on top of a chair when I saw the tomato stem (because I mistook it for a spider in my semi-blind state)

You'd know that he really loves cats and dogs for someone who's allergic to them.

You'd know that he collects glow sticks, and other glowing accessories, and uses every family party we host as a reason to  use some of his stash. 

You'd know that I'm his favorite woman.

You'd know that he never listened to country music till I converted him.

You'd know that he sounds like a native English speaker, except when he asks you what "No Loitering" means and says, "Oh, I thought it was just another way to say 'No Littering.' "
Rachael said...

Ahaha, oh my goodness, I so want to meet you one day. Preferably before heaven. I love how that woman wearing the red dress is smiling... and kind of looking at Angel's randomly pointed camera. Lol! and the spices?! Haha, I honestly did laugh out loud. At 11pm. When all my family is asleep in the house. I'd better stop reading your blog before I lose it completely... :) xx

Amanda English said...

I'm pretty sure you could find another picture of him with blonde hair. You better make a few copies and hide them once you do. LOL xoxo

Michaela {au naturel design} said...

Too cute. Yeah, my boyfriend got a perm once...hilarious. Good thing he always manages to look good, hehe! I don't know what it is with guys and hot sauce. We're not impressed that you can eat it. If anything, we might think the opposite, ha! Have fun with your Angel :)

Angi said...

Haha, I love this post! So fun to read about your other half!

That spice thing made me laugh. And the onions...kind of funny because onions are my husband's absolute LEAST favorite food! He won't eat ANYTHING with onions, even if they're undetectable. It's kind of excessive, haha.

Katie Cook said...

this was way too epic! yeah, what's with the late 1990's/early 2000's being a magnet for men dying their hair blond? remember the "frosted tips" phase? pretty bad- i try to hide Kev's pic from that phase too! hehe! love it! thanks for sharing!

Sophie @TheForge said...

you both have such great smiles :)



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Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

haha, he sounds so funny!