21 September 2012

What I've Made

 The first skirt I've ever sewn.

 One variation of Andes mint cookies. You can tell that I don't believe in perfectly round cookies.

 The kitchen of my dollhouse.

 My book. The name's pretty familiar, right? What you're reading now is the sequel.

 Random flowers painted on the walls.

Epic picture wall. Idea totally stolen from a long ago post on A Beautiful Mess. I've had these pictures up for almost a year, all of my guests love looking at them and finding themselves on the wall.

Nice To Meet You


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you linked up! Your doll house is awesome! Have you given a doll house tour yet? My cookies aren't ever round either.... It's never stopped people from eating them.

  2. so so cute! your skirt is just adorable:) and those cookies....YUM! love Katie

  3. What a clever idea for light switches.

  4. You are so talented! I love your photo wall - and skirt... :) It's 7pm Saturday night and I'm trying to whip one up for church tomorrow... I'll keep you updated on that! xx

  5. That skirt is adorable! I'm really impressed! :)

  6. Andes mint cookies? Recipe please! I also ha e a photo wall with all friends and family who are far away and I love looking at them!

  7. your skirt is so cute, i love it! and yes, i definitely need the recipe for the andes mint cookies (andes mints remind me of my grandparents… and they're so delicious!).

  8. im jealous that you can sew your own skirts... i want to learn how to sew... any tips or suggestions? i am just starting to look into everything i need and tutorials and such!

    and i love that photo wall- SO cute!

  9. this outfit is SO CUTE. you really do love color. :)