12 October 2012

Celsius vs. Fahrenheit

An interesting conversation lately.

I overhear in class, "100 degrees centigrade? What does that mean? This machine only has Fahrenheit on it--how do I figure out what temperature to set it at when the book says 100 degrees centigrade?"

Someone else, "I have no idea. Do you have a smartphone? Just look it up on Google."

I turn around, "Hey, you don't have to do that. 100 degrees Celsius is 212 degrees Fahrenheit."

"Are you sure? How do you know that? Wait--no, it says 100 degrees centigrade not 100 degrees Celsius."

"That's okay," I say, "Centigrade is just another way of saying Celsius. And 100 Celsius is the boiling point of water, and so is 212 Fahrenheit, so they're equal."

"You're sure centigrade and Celsius are the same thing? That's weird. Okay, I'll believe you, but if this is the wrong temperature, it's your fault. Why does the book even say "centigrade" anyways? No one uses Celsius!"

"Actually," I reply, "Pretty much the whole world outside of America uses Celsius."

 This was last summer, and our thermostat measures temperatures in Fahrenheit. Because if it was 87 degrees Celsius in our house, Angel would not be smiling.

 I just want to know...what are they teaching in schools these days??

Oh well, there wouldn't be nearly such interesting conversations taking place if everyone had the Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion equation memorized, would there?

(And no, I don't have the equation memorized either.)
DaisyGirl said...

Your response about how pretty much only America uses Fahrenheit is priceless!!

Michelle said...

Hahaha!!! Wow. This is scary. I've know centigrade & celsius are the same thing early elementary school. And it's not that hard to convert.

I love your answer...America really is the only country that uses Farenheit! Ugh. I hate when people seem to have their heads stuck in the sand. That or I'm just fortunate to have had a very good education :)

Unknown said...

Hahaha! Love the conversation. Way to go!

Chelsea Melrose said...

I'm not going to lie. I only know Farenheit.

Stefani said...

Haha love it. You probably should steer clear of the metric system, if Celsius isnt making sense :-)

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Anonymous said...

lol funny stuff- i only know Celsius :P (found via blog hop)

Tina Byland said...

Haha what did you need to boil for class?!?!

Unknown said...

Not convinced they teach this kind of thing.....just wrong! Found you via the blog hop!

James said...

Lol very funny. New to your blog from super Sunday party i'm trying to make friends for my daddy blog hope you check it out thanks

Ashley said...

I would have no clue how to convert into Celsius!!

Unknown said...

I knew the two measurements were the same, but I wouldn't know any conversion other than 32 F = 0 C...I live in the midwest, otherwise I probably wouldn't know that either :)

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Nicola Kirsty said...

A slightly random post to comment on but it was on LinkWithin at the bottom of your most recent post!

I only know Celsius. If someone gives me a temperature in Farenheit, I have no idea whether it's hot or cold. Except if it's -40. That's the same in both Celsius and Farenheit.