10 October 2012

Date Night

Linking up with Allie and Kay today for Wedded Bliss Wednesdays!

How often do you and your husband have a date night?
Okay, I know ya'll are going to be jealous, but try not to be. ;P I'd say on average we go out on a date about once a week or more. Rarely ever do we have fancy, dress-up, eat at a restaurant that costs more than $20 for the two of us type of dates, though. We might walk through a cemetery, go swing dancing downtown, play mini golf, explore a random antique store, or play Dance Dance Revolution and our other favorite games at an arcade. I also consider going to the mall and walking around looking at all the pretty things a date, though, so maybe if your expectations aren't that high, you get more dates.
That time I hit the jackpot on a date.

What did you do on your first date?
This is a hard question, because there's a debate about when our first actual date occurred, since we chose courting over dating. I think we usually say that  our first actual date, defined as: Angel planned an outing and took me, and just me, somewhere and paid for it all himself, was to a Japanese Botanical Garden where he took countless pictures of me. We'd already been engaged about two months at that point, and had been in a long distance relationship the whole time. He was, and is still, very fond of taking large quantities of pictures of me. The quality of such pictures may leave much to be desired...but I love my paparazzi husband.

What is your favorite kind of date night?
 I'm not picky, so I think just about anything with Angel is fun. We even enjoy doing our grocery shopping together! I think the evenings when we go swing dancing together are especially fun, though.

How do you do date night on a budget?
As I said. Walking through a cemetery is free. Arcade games usually cost .50 or a quarter. Drinks from Sonic are $1 and change during Happy Hour. We get excited when we find a BOGO coupon for a steakhouse in the newspaper--but that's more of an expensive date for us. When the weather's good, we like to ride bikes down the nearby streets, and when the weather's bad, we'll get a movie from the library to watch from underneath the piles of blankets on the couch.

What is the best kind of date your husband could surprise you with?!
hmmmm....I'd actually be pretty excited if Angel planned and executed any kind of surprise date for me. I love planning, so in our family, it's usually me saying, "Hey, let's go to a corn maze next Monday because we both have the day off." I'm also more of the one who always wants to be going places and discovering new things, while Angel's content to stay home more often. He enjoys our outings too, it's just that it's more likely he would stay home and watch the news if it weren't for my excited face when I tell him about a new plan that just occurred to me. 
I'd be pretty excited if Angel just told me the kind of clothes I should wear and what time to be ready and surprised me with a date! (Hint hint: Angel, don't forget it's your turn to plan our anniversary date. And it's December 4th, NOT December 5th)

Really, how did he mix up our anniversary date for the day after it in our recent conversation?
Christi said...

This is so cute! Love your date night ideas and love that you are going to a corn maze. That will be so fun!

Mis En Place said...

So great that you appreciate each others' company so much!

New Follower :)

Lissa @ Pass Go and Be Below said...

One of my husband's and I favorite dates is going to walk around Walmart! I don't know why but we just enjoy it and you can do it at any time day or night!

Kay said...

So cute that you go on SO MANY dates!!! I hope you keep that up throughout life... how special!

Debra Gray-Elliott said...

Stopping by from Blogworking Wednesday and following. Great blog!

Liz said...

Grocery shopping is the one place my husband doesn't go!!! Otherwise I feel like we do everything together! Love the little dates!!

Tami Rebekah said...

Wow!! Looks like yall had fun!

Jeannie Leigh said...

My husband and I make a point to have an actual planned date night once a week. We are both so busy it's crazy! But having those nights where it is just the two of us (we have rules for date night: only fun. No serious talks, no problem solving, no stressing. This is rejuvenate the relationship night!).

I am a new follower from Blog Working Wednesdays, and I am so glad I found you!
- Jeannie

Jeannie Leigh said...

lol, spelled my blog name incorrect. you'd hope I know it, right?

Chelsea Melrose said...

Looks like fun!! Date nights are important. We try to have at least one date night a week as well.

cate @ wild ruffle said...

I love that you take so many date nights together - that's so great! It's changed a bit for us with three kids, but we try to take them whenever we can.:)

Unknown said...

First off, how stinkin cute are you guys. Seriously stop.
And you crack me up."Walking through the cemetery is free." Love date nights with my hubby, and you give some good tips ;)

grace martin said...

ooooooh to not have children haha. Sometimes Iggy gets a little glazed in the eyes and says things like "remember when we didn't have kids and we'd just.....go....ANYWHERE" haha

jesika said...

Now that is what you call a date! :))
My husband and I had our first date night when my daughter was 6 months. .. and i cried pulling out of our drive way. .. I know what your thinking! ha ha
This was super cute!!!!! Thanks for the free tips ;))
I came from this past weekends blog hop that I co-hosted with "Tots and Me"
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!!!!
That just made me your NEWEST FOLLOWER!!!
Have a beautiful weekend!

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

How fun! And it's pretty cool that he takes lots of photos of you. That way, if you want a photo of yourself, it's just a matter of finding one you look good in. Me? I have to do the awkward self photo thingy lol. So glad you linked up!