29 October 2012

Do You Want to Sponsor Me?

 I promise it will be fun!

 See how excited I am? How could it not be fun?

If you've been hanging out here for a while, you'll notice that I haven't had any paid sponsor posts or guest posts on my blog yet. Here's the thing. I love writing. All the time. The main reason I started a blog was so that I could write everyday without it seeming like too strange of a hobby. And, I believe what most readers want to see when they come to a blog is that blogger's own voice, for the most part. That's why I'm not big on inviting other people to come on over here and start writing. There's some blogs out there that I really enjoy, and I love visiting them, and while it's nice to discover new, interesting blogs through guest and sponsor posts--It's also kind of disappointing when you head over to read your favorite blog for the day, but there's nothing new from the author of that blog--instead, a post written in a completely different style and voice.

What I'm thinking right now, is that, as I start encouraging you guys, possible sponsors, to advertise on my blog, instead of doing the stereotypical "Sponsor Spotlight" post, which would involve me making up random questions and asking you to send me pictures and short bios of yourself, what I'd like to do is write about a sponsor myself. If you pay for an ad on my blog, I'll read your blog, find out what I can about you from the info you've posted, and write about you and what I like about your blog and which posts of yours I think my readers would like. Honestly, I kind of see it as a bit of laziness on the part of a blogger who gets paid ads that they have to ask for a whole bunch of information from their paid sponsors in order to promote them. I'd rather get to know your blog in such a way that I can genuinely and knowledgeably promote you in my own words.

I currently have one paid sponsorship option available, for the low price (everyone says their price is low, I have to join them) of $7. Check it out, and my stats, at my Sponsor page.
Anna said...

I always thought it was a little odd when people had guest bloggers. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

LeiShell said...

I bought an ad space. And really, I think it is great that you are gonna be the one to write. I am too busy anyhow, haha. Thanks!

April said...

Hey, Hey, I'm on twitter now! Yay me!! :)