05 October 2012

Locked Out

Once upon a time, I thought that accidentally locking my keys in the car was the scariest, worst thing that could happen when I was away from home. I would repeatedly check my purse just to make sure that I really had put my keys away before actually pushing "lock" and shutting my car door.

In the two plus years that Angel has been my partner in crime, I've learned that it's really not all that bad. You see, during the time we've been together, he's locked the keys in our car three times.

The first time, we weren't even married. We'd driven together, 2 hours away from where I lived at the time, to visit my grandparents. Oh yeah, this was the day that Angel met my grandparents for the first time. As soon as we arrived, he promptly locked the keys to my car in the trunk. We had to call a locksmith that time, because the closest pair of spare keys were a 2 hour drive away.

 Clearly, this picture is not from one of the times we were locked out of the car, this is from the time a few months ago when we were stranded due to, as you can see, a broken belt.

The second time, we'd been married a few months, and Angel and I went out for dinner on our way to a Bible study meeting that I was supposed to lead. After dinner, we returned to our car...and found it locked, with the keys inside. That restaurant was about 30 minutes from our house, and 10 minutes from my grandparents' house, so we called my grandpa to come pick us up in his van, and Angel dropped me off at the Bible study meeting I was supposed to lead, and then drove Grandpa's van back to our house to get the extra keys to our car.

The third time we got locked out of our car....we were on vacation. Hours and hours away from home, near no one we knew who could help us. But that time was okay, too, because it so happened that Angel had finally learned his lesson, and been smart enough to put a spare car key in his wallet, so we got in our car just fine.

 Angel calling for help! With all the times we've been stranded...I'm so grateful that we live in the age of cell phones.

It's been an adventure--and sometimes I wonder how it happened that I managed to marry a guy with, it must be admitted, a rather bad track record when it comes to locking the keys in the car. But you know, I'm grateful for it. Because since I've been with Angel, I've discovered that getting locked out of your car--while still quite inconvenient and occasionally expensive--is not really as bad as I thought it was. Oh, the lessons marriage teaches you.


And by the way, I just got Twitter. I have no idea what I'm doing. @RandomlyRachels if you want to join me and laugh at my mistakes during the learning curve period!


  1. With every inconvenience comes a lesson, that's a cute story. I'm a new follower from the chaos hop. Hope you have a great weekend.


  2. I onced locked my keys AND the two year old I was watching in the car. It was the worst moment but he ended up unbuckling himself from his car seat and climbing upfront to let me in...! So now I'm super paranoid too, I haven't done it again, knock on wood :)

  3. hahaha! The last time I locked myself out of the car I was at the bank and my cell phone was INSIDE the car. I called a random locksmith from the phone book and little Russian man arrived asking me, "Why, pretty lady, you lock yourself out?" haha. It sucks in the moment but they make good stories later! Thanks for sharing!


  4. You look so pretty in that dress. I´ve never been locked out in the car because I don´t drive(lol!) but I´ve been locked out of the house many times!

  5. I think I've locked my keys in my car 4xs. I absolutely hate it. I did it I think 2 months ago. I was talking on my cell pulling into subway and thinking all I need to do is grab my cc. Forgetting I put my keys in my purse and then locking it in there. I'm lucky my husbands work was across the street & my work was down the block. ha.

    I now panic and double check all the times if I have the keys. Its a craze of anxiety for me. :)

  6. I HATE locking my keys in my car!! I've only done it a few times but it's always at the WORST times. Once I was in college at a friend's house, and I was getting ready to leave at 1am and locked my keys in the car, and had to call my parents (the only people at that time with a spare key)...another time was when I was at another friend's house, a few years later, it was snowing really hard and again, like 1am, and again, the only people with a spare - my parents...I'm pretty sure with all the 1am phone calls they quit worrying I was hurt or in trouble, and were just annoyed when the phone would ring,...

    Yay for Twitter! I'm headed to follow you - my user name is AngiC10 if you want to follow me! :)

  7. We only have one car key. The last time my husband locked it in the car, I went out the next day to get a spare key made but guess what? The Locksmith I went to was closed. Still only have one car key.

  8. Ugh, Bradd is FAMOUS for locking his keys in his truck. It's sooo annoying. Finally after the third lockout I told him to hand over his spare key. Works like a charm.

    I've had a twitter account for awhile now, but I finally started using it! -yay me lol...we can do this together :)

  9. Everything works out for a reason, but the waiting is really nerve racking!

  10. I don't think I've locked my keys in my car yet (knock on wood)... I don't know what I would do! Hopefully I would be close enough to have my husband come and help me! haha...

  11. I locked my keys in the car when I was pulled up to a gas pump.......and my cell was locked in the car. Lets just say it was a bad morning. Stopping by from the I Love My Post hop.

  12. I always check and double check for my keys. I'm fearful I will lose them and be stuck somewhere. I love your blog. You are as cute as can be! I'm now following your blog. :-).

  13. lovely dress! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  14. I have locked myself out of my car when it was running. I have more than once. Thank God my family own their own wreck service they have their own slim jim to open vehicles.

    Dreams Do Come True

  15. I locked my dad's car keys in the car while it was running ;/
    I must have not been a smart kid :P

    I am going to find you on the twitter! @jessiekay77

  16. I love your dress and your blog! One day, I locked my car keys in the car... with my son in it!
    I tried to find you on twitter but it seems that there is another randomlyrachel
    I'm a new gfc follower and you can follow me @Sparkle_LCrfats , I'll follow you back
    Have a nice week end

  17. Oh my gosh, I am still as paranoid as you used to be. I will not get out of my car without my keys in my hand, and I only lock my car with my key fab so I don't inadvertently hit the button on the door and forget to grab my keys. At least you are prepared when you get locked out now!

  18. Ugh..I've done locked myself out of my car several times. I used to carry a spare in my purse until the time I left my purse in the car along with both sets of keys. Now my husband carries the spare :p

  19. Once was enough for me. It happened when I was little. I asked my Dad for the key so I could get something I had left in the van. When I went back to where he was, he put his hand out and I was instantly filled with panic. It was horrible! Now I check and even recheck that I have the keys in hand.

  20. The keyless cars where you have to keep the bar with you to start it made me nervous. I was soo soo sooo worried to not have it, lock the key in, what have you (when we rented one for a week), and of course, I actually did try to lock the door w/that bar inside of the car. Thankfully for me they car wouldn't lock w/it inside the car. Nice safety feature on Nissan's part. :)