15 October 2012


Have you ever felt lost?

Have you ever felt like you have no idea which paths to take, which choices to make? Have you ever felt like the very people you look to for help and guidance don't really know what they're doing or where they're going, either?

Have you ever felt like maybe there's no way out, maybe you have no hope of escaping the labyrinth your life has become?

I have.

It's called a Corn Maze!!

By they way, can you figure out what word this picture represents? Because I could.  I'm a genius.

 The face is because I don't like Angel wearing hats or hoods. I don't know, to me he doesn't look like Angel unless I can see his hair.

 Angel's favorite picture style: over the shoulder to catch me in the background!

This Cornundrum took me a little longer. What do you think the word is?

And this is what I call "Cornmaze style". Gloves, boots, and a heavy coat--it was chilly out there, ya'll!

And we made it out alive. Back to the civilized world, which, as you can tell, for me includes a laptop to blog on.
Unknown said...

Hi Rachel, I'm Angie Benjamin, found you from Covered by Grace Link Up. Loved your blog...I blog at :) Have a blessed week! x

Christi said...

SO jealous!! I absolutely love corn mazes but I don't think we will have enough time to do one this year. Awesome pictures!!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

We did a corn maze last year with our Bible study small group and it was a BLAST! Those cornumdrums...are pretty funny too :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I give - what does the first one mean?? I'm racking my brain and nothing is coming to me lol!

Goose bumps for the second, right?

Thanks for linking up with the GtKY hop!

Anonymous said...

I did a corn maze yesterday - except it was beautifully 65 degrees out. And there were no boots ! :(

But it was so much fun. Especially I had my niece & nephew who led the way!

when BABI speaks said...

I haven't been to a corn maze yet but it looks so fun! for sure, you really had an awesome time! :-)


Michaela {au naturel design} said...

Looks like a fun fall weekend!

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

Sooo fun...we are waiting just another week or so to go!!! I would like it to be a tad chilly and the stinkin weather has been warming up....its confused..haha looks like fun!!! And as always, you look so cute!! said...

looks like you all had so much fun! i see why this is one of your favorite things about fall
i think i might actually try to make it to one this year!

kaylynnczy said...

Cute outfit!!!!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

I want the answers!

Cathy said...

Yes I want the answers too! Cute, super cute blog! You two seem like such a happy sweet couple too.

Found your blog through blog hop and now a happy new follower :)

Follow back if you'd like, we can stay in touch!

Stay warm!

Cathy Trails

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha! You are too funny and cute!! I can't wait to do a corn maze soon:)

Anonymous said...

I would love to do a corn maze. What a fun post!! I'm a new follower from the Mingle Monday! Hope you will follow back!

xix said...

Hahah, I've definitely felt that way before...and I wasn't amidst corn. Hopefully that's not too depressing. XD
Anyways, that looks so cool! What a neat event.

X i x i a ❥

Ashley said...

I would have to send up flares if I ever entered a corn maze!!

Glad you had fun and that you made it out! :-)

Chioma said...

what fun pics and layering! :)

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