04 October 2012

Rachel at the Movies

If anyone ever tries to make you watch 3:10 to Yuma, don't give in! Angel tricked me into watching that one. I'm not saying it's a bad movie or anything, (*Spoiler Alert!*) but I have a very low tolerance for movies where the good guys die in the end. Angel knew that, but supposedly, although he'd seen the movie already, he "forgot" how it ended. This event reminded me of the time when my dad convinced my mom into going to see one of the Jurassic Park movies with him at the theater by telling her only one person died in the entire movie. Um, yeah, that's not true. Sometimes I think men are evil.

 But I love him anyways.

Anyways, in general, I like watching movies. I also have a very low tolerance for suspense, so most of the time I can't handle watching current television shows because that means I have to wait till the next week to find out what happens next. Movies are good for me because they usually wrap up the adventure within a few hours and then I can rest easy.

You see, I tend to get very (some would say excessively) emotionally invested in movies. For this reason, my Grandpa thinks it's fun to take me to the movie theater and watch me instead of the movie. While I'm in the theater, everything that's happening on screen is real.

This is probably why I stood up applauding when Dwayne Johnson won the football game in The Game Plan. My friends were so embarrassed! But you know, it was a Disney movie, the music was swelling, and it seemed so inspirational when he made the final touchdown at just the right moment, who wouldn't stand up and cheer??

It's also probably why I cried for half an hour after Prince Caspian because Peter and Susan weren't allowed to return to Narnia ever again. My mom claims that I was saying, again and again, "Narnia is real! It is!"

And I also cried in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 when Elizabeth betrayed Captain Jack Sparrow with a kiss and left him alone to bravely face his fate within the jaws of the Kraken. And I cried in The Help, but I actually had a legitimate reason to cry that time because some of the characters in The Help are evil beyond belief.

I spent the entirety of The Spiderwick Chronicles grasping my brother's arm for dear life because the little monsters were very scary (now he refuses to sit next to me in the theater), and I had nightmares for weeks after seeing The Hunger Games. Yes--nightmares about being in a game show where only one person would come out alive. It wasn't very fun.

So, now you know what it would be like to go to the theater with me, and you can all feel a bit sorry for Angel if you'd like, because, remember, I'm his standing movie date. Occasionally I'm not as exciting of a movie date, however; I did fall asleep in the last Harry Potter movie he took me to. said...

omygosh, every single movie you listed i'm sitting here nodding my head..i feel the same way! i just can't handle it. we watched october baby the other night and i was depressed for hours. i don't know why, but i just need happy movies. patrick, too likes to pick random movies like that and "forget" how they end. we have this joke now that if he picks a crazy movie, i get to pick the next three (he's a little more careful in his selections though). it's so great to know that you are like me in that way!
also, i can't handle most tv shows either. i like comedies like new girl, but everyone in my family seems to be into once upon a time, but i just get so frustrated! they also killed off my favorite character last season and i just don't have the patience to watch another whole season and see if they come back!

okay, i'll stop ranting now. but yes. i agree with you!

cate @ wild ruffle said...

Ever since I had kids, the only movies I seem to get to are animated!! I haven't seen a single one you listed above. But I'm trying to play catch up now that we finally have HBO:)

Angi said...

Haha...I fell asleep in Harry Potter, too. I don't get the hype. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes! I hate movies that don't have happy endings. My husband, however, likes them, so we came up with a compromise: We can watch the occasional suspenseful intense movie and after the credits come on, then I invent an alternate ending. Like in 3:10 to Yuma, what REALLY happened is he wasn't really dead. He just passed out from the excessive blood loss, but they were able to do a transfusion and everybody lived happily ever after. :) If we see a movie in the theatre I literally make him sit there as everybody else is leaving so I can give my happy epilogue to the movie.

Ashley said...

I HATE when the good guys die :(

Vi said...

I feel like when I was younger I wasn't as emotionally involved in movies as I am today! Whenever an old couple are in love or a spouse dies I promptly start crying and thinking of my own life. My husband likes to watch sad, artsy movies and I watch them thinking they are going to be comedies, but, um not! :)

I also cried during the Help :)