18 October 2012

Red Leather Gloves.

Once upon a time, I told Angel that I'd always wanted a pair of red leather gloves.

Like many of my feminine dreams...he couldn't quite understand my intense desire for red leather gloves. But, sweet husband that he is, because I didn't have any gloves, he bought me the perfect pair of dark red leather gloves at the beginning of the winter season, and I was ecstatic over my new treasures!

They kept my hands comfortably warm, too.

However, this is a true story, not a fairytale. I wore my gloves to school and back the day after Angel bought them. I wore them again the next day when I headed off to school, but I didn't wear them on my way home. That is to say, I wore one glove home, but not the other.

When I exited the building after my last class of the day, heading for my car, I reached into my coat pocket to pull out my beautiful pair of gloves, but only one glove was there. I immediately turned back around, fled down the hallways I had just walked, and frantically searched the last classroom I'd been in for my other glove. It was not to be found.

I went home, and facebooked kids that I had class with, asking if they'd seen a red glove anywhere around. None of them had. With great reluctance, I confessed to Angel that I'd lost my brand new glove, but I said, bravely, that he didn't have to but me another pair--I'd go with one glove for the rest of the season. Angel thought we ought to look around some more, and wait and see if the glove showed  up, but that he'd buy me a new pair as soon as he could, just in case.

A week went by, and then another. Angel bought me a pair of gloves, but they weren't red leather gloves. They were brown, and they fit well, and they were practical. I still missed my red gloves, even though I'd only owned them for a day, really. After another night class, I trudged down the hallway, headed toward my car, and then home. But, I saw something hanging on the bulletin board. It was a glove, pinned with a thumbtack to the bulletin board usually used for college announcements. But it wasn't just any glove.

It was a red leather glove, the match to my other one. Someone, somewhere, had found it, and hung it on the board for me to see it. I rushed back home to display my reunited pair of gloves to Angel.

And we all lived happily ever after.

I guess that actually was a fairy tale. Sure, it's a fairy tale about a pair of gloves, but hey, there's nothing wrong with that.


  1. Love the gloves! And the story - testimony to share in class tomorrow, perhaps? :)

  2. Aww this is absolutely adorable! And good thing someone found your other glove because those gloves are awesome!

  3. I love this story! I have red leather gloves too!

  4. I'm obsessed with gloves and scarves for winter months! I have not yet owned a red pair! I'm so glad you were reunited with the other half!! Please follow back!

  5. this sounds like something in a novel!
    glad you found it, i can't imagine how happy you must've been. now you have me wanting some red leather gloves! but i never buy gloves because i neeeever keep up with them. same applies to sunglasses!

  6. I'm so glad you found your glove!! I HATE it when I lose one of a pair of something...just yesterday I lost one of the earrings I was wearing, I still haven't found it! Thankfully they're cheapie earrings and they weren't a gift, but it's still frustrating!

  7. Found you from the blog hop! Those gloves are too cute. LOVE!!
    Do Dallas Cheap

  8. I found you over at Melissa's Insert Sarcastic Remark blog and I loved this little story! I would've been devastated if I lost one glove, especially if I loved it as much as you did. I like the red gloves, they're different and unexpected but add a real touch of class! :)


  9. What a cool story! I'm glad your gloves were reunited. =)

  10. Yay for being reunited with your lost glove.

    I always lose a single glove, so I tend to go for the cheapo magic gloves from Target. My hands are usually warm and get hot with gloves too.

  11. Not sure how I wound up here but glad to have stopped by. Love the look of red leather gloves, nice story, too.

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