08 October 2012

So Very Uncool

I discovered something that shocked me recently.

I'm not cool.

 I know, you would have never guessed that the kid in the sparkly green and red plaid dress would have grown up to be someone who wasn't cool, but it happened.

You see, I think in my own little universe, I always have considered myself cool. I have awesome friends, I host fun parties that my guests enjoy, I get good grades at school, and my aunt and cousins even ask for my fashion advice upon occasion.

The getting good grades at school part really should have been a tip off, now that I think about it. These days, I know a little better, because now I know that people who pass every test the first time through are not the ones you want to hang out with.

I'm realizing for the first time how very uncool I am in the grand scheme of things. I believe that what has opened my eyes to this fact is my classmates at cosmetology school.

You see, I got married at 19. I thought that was a pretty respectable accomplishment, but apparently, that's just a lifestyle choice that's looked upon with skeptical sideways glances.

I don't have tattoos, largely because I hate the very thought of needles sticking in me, and can't even stay still for a vaccination, let alone unnecessary needle pricking.

I don't wear mascara or straighten my hair, or, in fact, do any other fashionable thing that annoys me. 

I don't smoke, and even the smell of smoke tends to send me into one of my famous coughing fits.

I don't drink, and didn't even try alcohol till after my 21st birthday (you may actually remember that story, it wasn't too long ago).

I don't have a terribly good poker face, and it's very hard to keep the expression of shock off of my face as I listen to classmates' stories about getting alcohol illegally since they aren't old enough to buy it, driving drunk, escaping the cops, good sources of cheap drugs, and which drugs they would and wouldn't want to try again. 

I thought I was cool, because in high school and college I stayed out with my friends till the very last minute before midnight, and regularly made it home seconds before I would have gotten in trouble for breaking curfew. But, now I know that what the cool kids do is get in and out of their house while their parents are still sleeping, and laugh about it the next day in school.

I was thinking about having a party at my house for my class--but now I don't think I'm cool enough. I simply would not allow minors in my home to drink alcohol....and I honestly doubt that my classmates would think a party with just a bonfire, apple cider, hot dogs, and a game of charades would be worth going to.

This is an interesting revelation for me. I know I've been rather sheltered--most of the friend circles I've run in before have considered slipping ice down the back of each others' shirts a mischeivous adventure. However, now I'm finding out that in the world of cool people, mischeivous adventures related in the class the next day are often, I'm quite certain, actually illegal.

Don't worry, I'm not feeling that the peer pressure will cause me to be a different person than I am. I'm just learning, in a way, for the first time, that people who consider sewing, blogging, reading,  and decorating dollhouses to be their favorite hobbies aren't the kind of people are also cool...and I'm okay with that. In all honesty, I was sad on the first day that a few girls in my class decided to go out for lunch together, and went around inviting everyone to go with them, even inviting the teacher, but pointedly excluding me. I know that I could have invited myself along, but I really don't have the desire to be where I'm not wanted. If I can't be cool, I'll be the other things I can be to be a blessing to my classmates--I'll help them find obscure answers for our homework and I'll do my part and beyond when it comes to cleaning the classroom everyday (cutting hair is a messy business, ya'll!)

 Sometimes I do break the law too...with my partner in crime.

Are you cool? Or aren't you? I think people can be interesting either way...though I tend to believe in not breaking the law, at least the vast majority of the time. And driving under the influence is not okay, at all. No matter how many funny stories it might lead to the next just as easily could lead to tragedy.


In case you missed my announcement a few days ago, I got Twitter over the weekend. I'm still practicing as far as what "retweet," "favorite," and "#" mean. If you have written any posts about how to use Twitter, direct me to them! And if you want to join me, my username is @Randomlyrachels


  1. I think you're cool. But hey, maybe that just means that I am uncool too. Whatever, we can be uncool together.

  2. You are not uncool; you are grown up! Big difference!

  3. I still think you are cool, but my kind of cool.... :p
    Good luck with the Twitter, I'm pretty sure I still suck at it!
    Have a super day,
    <3 Mei

  4. Cool is in people's opinion, Love is not and I love people, everyone, and I love you too, whether people call you cool or not. Have a super blessed day, and I just followed you on twitter.

  5. Awwww...they're not "cool", they're "immature." Big difference.

    And if you're uncool...then there's a heckuva lot of awesomely uncool people in this world. :)

  6. I don't think doing bad things should be considered cool. I would say that because you don't give in to peer pressures or try to conform to what is commonly done around you, makes you that much more cool. More young people need to be like you. I am not old by any means, 28 almost, but I have learned that you do all those things when you are young only to realize how stupid you were. So, you are sparing yourself those feelings. As for being excluded, well, if you weren't you would just feel awkward in that group since they are so different than you and what they consider fun, so be grateful! Continue being you because THAT---is very cool.

  7. I am not cool either. We can be uncool together! Everyone is saying that I need to get a twitter. I have even been called "twitterless lauren". Let me know what you think of it!

  8. well if you arent cool (and we have a lot in common) then that means I'm not either...oh but I wear mascara so I've just 'one-upped' you. bahahaha. neat post friend!

  9. You seem pretty cool to me!! :-) And I'm pretty sure I had that exact dress when I was that age.

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  11. See?? I think all us "uncool" people make our OWN cool group! I would love an apple cider bonfire party. And we would remember it all the next day :)

  12. I totally agree with you. Does that make me uncool? I also fall asleep early on weekends because I stay up too late during the week. That makes me feel really lame.

  13. I'm not cool either. The people I'm around most of the time enjoy getting wasted every weekend and talk behind my back/make fun of me for not doing so. But it's fine with me because I 1. remember my weekends and 2. don't lay in bed all day with a hang over. It's a win-win :)

  14. Girl, the most amazing part of this was the fact that you still want to be a blessing to your classmates! I think in the scheme of life, all that is eternal is worth pursuing, and loving above all for the glory of HIM is So worth it. Keep posting about ways you've been able to connect:) praying for you! love Katie

  15. I found your blog by way of Covered in Grace. Uhmmmm.......sounds like I could have written this post!!! Love it!!! And as you get older, your lifestyle WILL BE cool. The "living on the edge" lifestyle gets more and more irresponsible with age and fewer people want to get mixed up in it. Keep on being you girl!!

  16. Breaking rules and being a jerk does not make someone cool.

    "I can be to be a blessing to my classmates--I'll help them find obscure answers for our homework and I'll do my part and beyond when it comes to cleaning the classroom everyday"...THAT is cool.

  17. You aren't uncool. I would say that people who participate in illegal activities are uncool.

    You are a lot more mature than them and have found your path in life already. You are cool in your own way!

  18. Based on your description I must not be cool either. However, the only part of the getting ready routine I actually do involves mascara and hair straightening. On the other hand, I am in bed before 10pm more often than not...

  19. Your sarcasm is very subtle :) that us why I love your writing and I'm glad I caught the true meaning behind it because your not much of an emo writer therefore you gave yourself away :) - angel

  20. You see.... the thing is.... those girls are so lame. The sheer fact that they are gloating about said immature behavior proves that they are lame. I mean, sure, if doing drugs is your thing, go for it. I'm sorry that's the choice you've made.... but making a scene and bragging about it? That's just immature and they shouldn't do that.

    I'd venture to say I'm probably a bit more.... naughty.... than you are. But I would never brag about my rebellious years. As a matter of fact, I can tell (as we all can, just as you explained) that I am cooler now than I've ever been before.

    And it's because I don't worry about putting makeup on before I get to work. And it's because I invite friends over for games of Settlers of Catan. And because I blog. And because I like to bake.... you see? It's not because I drink alcohol occasionally, or that I curse like a sailor when I'm mad, or that I got in some pretty big trouble as an adolescent....

    You're so cool. They're just too blind to realize they are uncool! :)

  21. This is such a sweet, sweet post my dear...'that kind of cool'...terribly over rated...

  22. Love this post! I'm not cool either. I'm totally ok with that! Getting wasted and sleeping around is NOT my idea of a good time. I hear you completely on getting married young being frowned upon. I got married at 22, and apparently that's a horrifying offense to my coworkers. They roll their eyes and mutter things about divorce rates.

    I'm sorry about your classmates. I've been in that situation many, many times. But honestly? It's most likely a very good thing you don't fit in with them. And being a blessing to them is the best thing you can do. You are awesome, and I think you're cool ;)

    1. And for the record? Bonfires, apple cider, hot dogs, and charades is exactly my idea of an awesome party.