29 October 2012

The Newlywed Question

Angel and I have been married nearly two years, and we still haven't provided our parents with any grandchildren. In spite of our remarkable hesitancy to achieve that milestone, the question, "So when are you guys going to have kids?" has popped up with startling frequency from the day after our wedding till now.

 I can't remember if it was this summer or last summer, but one fine day I invited some relatives over for a party and, before we ate, I said, "I invited you guys all here for a reason."

My aunt interrupted, "You're going to have a baby?!!!!"

"Umm, no." I said, "We needed more muscles to  help Angel carry the computer desk upstairs."

Angel has his own way of dealing with the fact that everyone related to us constantly seems eager to hear news that we're adding a third member to our family. Some months ago, while we were visiting family, Angel casually asked my aunt, "What would you say if I told you Rachel was pregnant?" My brother Isaac, who knows Angel pretty well and overheard the conversation, immediately said, "Not believe you." but my aunt started getting all excited. Angel has played exactly the same trick on several more occasions since then, but I've tried my best to talk him out of it. I've told him the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" in order to teach him about not lying to people, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he thinks it would be great if when we did finally announce that I was pregnant--that no one believed us. He's strange like that.

And, in case you're wondering when we are going to have a baby. I'll tell you.

Not Today!

Baby Rachel

Baby Angel
Rachael said...

Naww, you cuties! Not today is fine. Someday though, please. The world needs children crazy like you to make it a better place! :) xx

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! My husband and I are the same way. Just yesterday I found out about two more people who are having babies! It's in the water or something... I want kids but I'm beginning to be very glad that I'm in the minority, not the majority. I just want to enjoy MYSELF and my husband for a little while and be selfish just a little longer! I just don't like that these days people think that newlyweds=kids!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I know exactly what you mean! Since we've been married for the EXACT same length of time and all. :) When people ask that I'm always tempted to burst into tears and discuss our (made-up) infertility problems, but Chase said that would be mean. So I just smile and say, "someday" when people ask if we're going to have kids. I just feel like that's such a personal question, so if you're not related to me or best friends with me, do not inquire about my reproductive plans. Seriously.

Living for his glory said...

Oh goodness yes!! We got it from the start too!!

Angi said...

Ha, people have been asking us non-stop since we got married too. We have one set of friends who, while we were at our wedding reception, actually put a fake car seat and baby doll IN OUR VEHICLE.

Unknown said...

I'm with Miss Rachael. ;) :D

Your husband seriously is the best. Maybe I'll take his approach when my time comes! X)

Love you, Rachel!!

Heidi said...

Bwa ha ha! We had the exact same question asked a million times right from the day Claudio and I were married. I finally started telling people we weren't planning on ever having children, the cat was enough for us :P

When we finally did get pregnant my mother-in-law was so surprised, I guess she had actually believed me!

Liz said...

We get that question from everyone EXCEPT family!!

Adrienne said...

It's funny, we have the opposite problem. There are already 5 grandkids in our family, so we're worried that when we get pregnant, no one will really notice! hahaha

April said...

Oh JEEZ, I hate that question with such a passion. And now I get "when are you going to have a GIRL?" And boy, do they regret asking it :) everyone has an opinion when you should "start", but everyone is ready at different times!

Unknown said...

haha this makes me laugh so hard. the hubs and i get this all the time!! my excuse used to be i was too young but now that im a little older it won't fly! haha ill have to come up with something more creative ;)

Margarita said... all starts here :). My husband and I dated for three years before deciding to have kids and everyone kept nudging. Guess what? We have kids now and the questions of "when?" turned into "how are you raising your kids?", everyone now has parenting advice. Enjoy, take your time :)