13 November 2012

5 Minute Costume

As you can see, I changed the color of my peek-a-book highlights from fuchsia to purple. Everyone who has seen me seems to prefer the purple, I'm not sure which one I like better.

Upon arriving home from school on Saturday, I saw a post on facebook that my cousin was having a costume party/hayride/bonfire/birthday celebration. I did what any good cousin would do, and called first to make sure it was okay that I was inviting myself, and opened my closet to figure out what kind of
 costume I could come up with in 5 minutes, since the party had already officially begun. Could you possibly guess what I decided to be for the night?

 Hmmm...I thought. I just colored my hair purple, and I have all of those black leather and studded wrist bands and black chokers that I wore all the time in high school....and I have, of course, my jingling I added a little eyeliner and became a Goth Bellydancer!

As my aunt said when I arrived at the party, "Only you, Rachel. Only you."

But I'll take any excuse I can get to wear my lovely blue bellydancer scarf. Why do I have one? I'm not entirely sure, but my Mom bought it for me one day years ago because she thought it seemed a very Rachel-ish accessory. She was right. Usually I start wearing it to class and to the mall and such during the month of December because it sounds like jingle bells when I walk, which definitely gets me in the holiday mood.

The birthday girl and I. It was her sweet 16 and her costume was 1940s-inspired.

And I just had to share the birthday cake with you--her little siblings decorated it with, apparently, every plastic cake decoration they could find, I thought it was so cute!
K said...

I love your peek-a-boo highlights! I used to dye my hair bright colors all the time, but my youth pastor at home actually had the gall to say that it was "inappropriate" for someone considering the ministry (not sure how my haircolor affects my ministering abilities, but hey), so now I keep it my "natural" color or something similar as much as possible--not because I think that, but because I don't want it to affect how future parishioners or bosses may view me. But I can still live vicariously through your awesome hair (and creative costume!).

Unknown said...

The purple hair is amazing! I used to have a hidden purple streak in my hair. I REALLY miss it! Maybe this will be the inspiration I need to bring it back!!!

Angi said...

Love the purple!! And that birthday cake...I mean, "rthday" cake made me giggle. :)

Living for his glory said...

LOL! The cake was hilarious, i had to do a retake! said...

I am LOVING that cake. Those are the best kind!
And the purple looks really good against your natural hair color, I'm loving it.

~julee~ said...

That's a better 5-minute costume than I could ever come up with! Love the new purple hair, too!

Anne said...

Kids do like to take charge of decorating in a big way! great costume:)

Michelle said...

I'm in love with your purple highlights! If you lived near me, I'd beg you to do them on me :)

The costume is awesome!